Foreign Object

By at 5 February, 2009, 11:07 am

Briskly walking through the streets, thinking of lying in bed to rest up for another day, I make my way to my building. Luck and time are on my side as I see the elevator awaiting my arrival. Pressing the button for my floor, I contemplate the many activities I must complete before I count […]


Ghetto Cart

By at 13 December, 2008, 12:00 am

I tried to come up with a story to explain me finding this cart in the hallway last week. But I could not find the time to make up a story that would seem creative and entertaining at the same time. But what I am left with is with is the realization that I live […]


Fatty Water

By at 10 December, 2008, 12:00 am

I recently went to the movie theater and this signage caught my attention. I wasn’t aware that water had calories. And someone please tell me why the small bottle has up to five but the large has zero.


Fair or Unjust?

By at 21 March, 2008, 12:00 am

Yesterday while at daycare, my youngest niece was struck with a plastic hammer on her knee by one of her classmates. She immediately went into shutdown mode and my sister was notified. My niece was taken to the hospital because she was obviously in pain and wouldn’t talk. Today, we find out that she was […]