One Less Life Line

By at 23 April, 2009, 9:47 am

The absent-minded me left my cell phone in my locker. I wasn’t aware that I didn’t have it on me until I was forty minutes into my commute. At this revelation the invisible light bulb over my head lit up, and I shouted “oh sh*t.” OP, author of Finding Love series who was riding the train […]


Smoking Is Fun Again, eCigarette

By at 11 May, 2007, 3:45 pm

HONG KONG (Reuters Life!) – It feels like a cigarette, looks like a cigarette but it isn’t bad for your health. A Chinese company marketing the world’s first “electronic” cigarette hopes to double sales this year as it expands overseas and as some of China’s legions of smokers try to quit. Golden Dragon Group Ltd’s […]


15 Year Old Designs Cell Phone (And It’s Fire)

By at 6 April, 2007, 9:00 am

Whitney Houston had a hit song, at some point in ther career telling us, “The Children Are Our Future.” She may be right. Get this: A fifteen year old high schooler designs this hot concept phone called the Butterfly. Check out the specs on Sci-Fi’s Blog. If this type of work is coming out of […]


The Day Was Over Before It Started (Or So I Thought)

By at 4 April, 2007, 2:06 pm

When I woke up this morning, I just knew I was going to get a lot done. I had the energy to make things happen. I even thought I’d be able to get a few things done on my blog. But the IT department had another plan. A sign adorned the door of the office, […]


Google’s April Fools Jokes

By at 3 April, 2007, 9:39 am

In an attempt to make you laugh that giant sized search engine company Google has come up with a few April Fool’s gags to put a much needed smile on some poor souls face. Check out these URL’s which are all in BETA: Google TiSP – Offering free in-home wireless broadband service Google Gulp – […]