Restore My Soul

By on July 20, 2010 @ 3:08 pm

All I knew, is that I was just an innocent soul. I thought I was alone in that unfamiliar place; minding my own business, when you came and turned the light’s out. I didn’t know where the light switch was, and I could not see in the dark. Also, I didn’t know who was responsible for turning out the lights. You held me captive and forced me to adapt to the darkness. After a while, you released me into the room to walk around, but kept me chained just enough so that I wouldn’t be able to feel around for the switch. And although I couldn’t see, I grew comfortable with this routine, because I wasn’t tied up all day in the dark. At least I was allowed to roam freely in the dark. I became complacent in this environment and was no longer eager to find the light. You taught me so much, in the dark, and I thought I didn’t need light as long as I could imagine what it was I couldn’t see. You taught me to believe that. Well, you know what I’ve also learned over these years? You can try as you may, keep me chained, keep me in the dark, but so help me God. I will…. Find my light.

© Dan-Sean Mankind 2010

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