Graffiti – Chris Brown’s Redemption Song

By on December 24, 2009 @ 3:11 am

I’ll say it and I’m not ashamed to either: I listened to Chris Brown’s new album Graffiti and bought it in support of the man’s art.  I’m a music lover and I have an ear for quality and for crap and you have to give credit where credit is due — the sh*t is FIRE!!

Alright, before you start slinging the domestic violence mud or question my solidarity to womanhood, girl power and the like, let me ask you a question:  When will the punishment fit the crime?  In no way am I defending his actions and being a woman who has been through a particularly vile domestic violence situation. I am empathetic to the pain and anguish his former flame endured, but at the same time I understand that a crime has a punishment and after the punishment is doled out, time is served and repentance and rehabilitation is evident — BOTH parties deserve the chance to start over.

I have fond memories of being a teaching artist in the public schools when Chris Brown’s first hit Run It exploded on the charts.  It was inspiring to watch my 5-10 year old students beam with excitement and anticipation for our dance & theater assemblies with choreographed dance steps to this song.  Watching parents approvingly bob their heads to the innocence of their kids dancing and singing every lyric word for word as if Chris was able to hear them through the speakers and nod his head in solidarity.  He was a babe and so were they.

Fast forward a few years and troublesome decisions on the way to manhood — grown up troubles follow.

Should a man ever put his hands on a woman? HELL NO. But people tend to conveinently forget the other side of that puzzle — a woman must never stoop to do the same.    I’m a news junkie and couldn’t help but watch the Chris Brown/Rihanna saga and shake my head in sadness of a dream defferred.  The potential heir to Michael Jackson’s legacy — youthful exhuberance, actual talent and personality rolled together in one package — gone like a magic trick and the media harpies greedily feasted over his fall and hoisted her up as the poster child for a second chance.  What about him?

We lap up hypocracy like ice cream hoisting honors upon her and leave him to the wolves when it takes two to create a situation as foul as theirs.  Two misguided young adults equally deservant of redemption.

I am the first to complain that that most popular music on the radio is crap — auto-tuned to death, talentless nobodies created by the studio machine, so the first chance to listen to actual creativity is a breath of fresh air.  Graffitti is definatley that.

Before you dismiss Chris Brown’s latest project as a waste, close your eyes and listen to the MUSIC.  It’s radio-worthy, fun and on top of that. . . it’s good!   Give the man a chance to prove himself as an entertainer and hope that this experience has started a personal evolution worth watching and rooting for.

Before you cast your stone, take a look in the mirror.

Chris, Take your time to shine —

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Urban Thought January 11, 2010

It is a great CD, although I thought he put it out too soon. He should have waited until summer to put out a banger worth hearing. A year later is always a good time for Americans to move on, as they have such a short attention span. Great post.

The Orange Phoenix January 11, 2010

Hopefully we will get to the point of separating the man from the crime. . . too idealistic?

Lavenderbay January 15, 2010

Well put! If Chris Brown is known as a musician, then it’s his music that should be judged, just as athletes should be judged on their athletic ability and not their verbal eloquence, and politicians should be judged on their statesmanship and not their marital fidelity, etc.
Happy New Year, OP!

ASIA PROTHRO May 24, 2011


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