Election Day 2009

By on November 3, 2009 @ 10:54 am


Am I the only one who forgot to vote today? I left out the house and wasn’t reminded to vote until I went through the turnstile. Unlike last year, there wasn’t much advertising done in the neighborhood.

After turning on the TV for the weather, you would think that someone would have mentioned something about voting this morning — that wasn’t the case. And now that I’m at work I’m contemplating leaving early to cast my vote.

But here is the deal: I really don’t know who I should vote for. Mike Bloomberg is running, again. Some people don’t care too much for him considering he had to change the law so he can vote again. And then you have Bill Thompson. I’m aware of this dude, but before the election, didn’t care who he was.

Bloomberg hasn’t done a bad job, all things considered. I’m sure some people would like a fresh start and may side with Thompson.

I still am unsure how to cast my vote.

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Greg November 4, 2009

The real question is: If you forget to vote, does it matter? I guess it matters at those parties where everyone feigns shock when they find out you didn’t or don’t vote.

Urban Thought November 4, 2009

For local elections some would say it matters most of all. Majority actually rules in this case, instead of the electoral collage method.

Juan November 5, 2009

Yeah definately no Twitpics from the line at the poll. Oh well. I guess it made last year’s experience that much more special.

Urban Thought November 5, 2009

Indeed, it did. Funny thing though, last year the big thing was the election. This year, the Yankees win. Walking through Times Square wasn’t as exciting as last year, however it was just as live.

meleah rebeccah November 10, 2009

oh I voted, but my candidate did NOT win. [sad face]

Urban Thought November 13, 2009

It sucks when your candidate doesn’t make it. However, you now have the opportunity to get at whomever is in office and make them hear you. Sure, you’re only one person, but I’m sure there are others out there that have similar concerns.

Ricardo November 15, 2009

No one remembered this. I was down and NYC and everyone was wondering why we had such an early call time to the set and why we were getting out early. then someone recalled, “hey, it’s election day.”

meleah rebeccah December 16, 2009

I keep stopping by here hoping for an update!

Urban Thought December 19, 2009

I’ve now updated. I’m going to do my best to get back here more often. Not sure how that will work out, but it will be an attempt made.

Keep your head up.

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