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By on October 15, 2009 @ 10:35 am

cupcakeSome conversations cannot be missed when you are in close quarters with people. As I turned my iPod off, I ended up hearing, “it was deliciously awesome.” I wasn’t sure what the person was referring to but I knew I had to find out. It was later learned that she was talking about cupcakes. Deliciously awesome cupcakes started to consume my brain. I’ve been on this eat this, not that kick lately and have been limiting my junk food intake — so the thought of consuming some deliciously awesome cupcakes sounded mighty nice.

But I couldn’t get past the phrase, ‘deliciously awesome’ — It just kept ringing in my head. It sounds better than ‘Magically Delicious’ and ‘mouth watering’.

Later that day, the same girl who was talking about those ‘deliciously awesome’ cupcakes brought some in for all to share. They offered me one, which ended up being four in total.

The cupcakes were not only deliciously awesome, but awesomely delicious.

Speaking of fat thoughts…

I was in the gym the other day – in my zone, getting my work out on — and noticed some dude standing a few feet away from me, watching me. Once I finished my set, I stopped and turned in his direction. He wanted to ask for my advice on the lat pull down machine. With his heavy accent (which I could not place for the life of me) his voice boomed across the room, capturing everyone’s attention in the immediate area. Pointing to the lat pull down machine, he wanted to know which exercise would be best, pulling the bar in front of your head or behind.

My thoughts: I’m not expert. I cannot tell you what works best for you. There are plenty of people with shirts marked trainer on the back of their shirts. A number of people in the gym are not only fit, but also twice the size of me and appear to know a lot more about this stuff than I do. Why you want to ask me for advice? And why did you take me out of my zone for such a question? There is a diagram on the side of the machine Follow it!

Fitness isn’t new to me though. I’ve been doing it for quite some time and play coach, mentor and adviser to a number of people that I know that require guidance and a motivating person in their life. I play that part for them, because I’m awesome like that. LOL

I eventually answered his question. However, it didn’t go without the ‘regulars’ of the sports club giving me a WTF look.

With the quickness, I fell right back into my routine thinking about those four cupcakes I ate earlier and realized I needed to complete five miles before I made my exit for the evening.

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Grace @ Sandier Pastures October 19, 2009

Oh those sinful cupcakes! those that make you need to run miles and miles in return! I hope you had a great run despite the disturbance!

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