Angel Taylor – Lost in the Fog

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Music is as subjective as ice cream, we all have a flavor that resonates with us, whether it’s deep rich chocolate blues or a nutty flavored Amaretto.

I was assigned the task to review Ms. Taylor’s new album and at first I was hesitant — not wanting to say the “wrong” thing, but as I thought about it, there is nothing “wrong” with my opinion.

For an debut album that has garnered buzz by Billboard Magazine, AP and People magazine, I was expecting more — more originality, more variety or even a concrete sound to define her, but I couldn’t put my finger on any of those things.   For me to want to place my hands in my pocket and plunk my hard earned cash on a piece of art, I want to be moved or at least find half of the songs on the album appealing enough to listen to voluntarily. . . this album isn’t it.

As singers, we pattern ourselves off of our idols — listening to their delivery, cadence and style, but the mark of a successful singer is bridging the gap between you and your influences and right now I don’t know who she is. Ms. Taylor’s sound seems influenced by Natalie Imbruglia, Corrine Bailey Rae, Lisa Loeb and the laid back sound of the early 1990’s — guitars and light string backings and soft rock influences.  She has a catalog of riffs and sound that are lost in the 90’s.  She is led by the music instead of moving with it.  The songs have abrupt resolutions, unclear song structure and no climax leaving the listener stranded wondering why the end came so quickly or if I actually missed something.  Each song sounded the same, like one long soundtrack without differentiation.  The question is: Is that good or bad?  We come from a generation that seems hell bent on being an individual — no matter how much one makes an ass out of themselves.  So, is monoton

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Dan-Sean Mankind October 6, 2009

From what you’ve mentioned in the post, I am anxious to see if I receive something different from her talent. I shall return…

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