The Friend Zone

By on September 18, 2009 @ 12:00 am


Whether you’re a single person or in a relationship, being friendly or cordial with someone who likes you shouldn’t be a task. However, it can actually be hard to deal with someone on a friendship basis, when they have feelings that go beyond a platonic friendship.

It strikes me as funny how people can be so kind and endearing when they see an opportunity to find a certain place in your life, but as soon as you find out the true nature of the “friendship” and lay the cards out on the table, the entire situation shifts.

Now, prior to you knowing how this person felt about you, you may have been blind to how they may have felt, maybe even naive. One thing that’s for certain is, you considered this person only to be a “friend” or “associate”.

Although you know how this person feels, attempting to keep this person in your life can make things difficult. However, it shouldn’t be. One would think that this person has control over their feelings, yet that isn’t always the case.

This is when you find out that jealousy will come to the surface within your bond with this person. You may even have to deal with wishy-washy personality changes from this person. One day they’re nice, the next they’re not so nice. And the changes are a sure sign that this person cannot deal with the terms and conditions of the bond you two have.

At this point, you must make a wise decision. Is it time to end whatever dealings you have with this person? Or should you continue to deal with the fact that your association with this person is genuinely one-sided on the platonic level?

I can honestly say that when I encountered people in my life who don’t care to respect me or accept where I am in life, I made the wise choice to cut all ties with them.

Though this isn’t always the case with everyone you will meet in life, once you see a problem, take the initiative to do what’s right for yourself. True friends aren’t selfish in the sense of hurting someone who they claim to love or care for.

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The Orange Phoenix October 7, 2009

Baby – I’m feeling this post completely. Once you give your honest feelings, you may lose a friend. . .

But are they truly a friend for putting you in that complex situation?

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