For The Record Pt. 2

By on June 11, 2009 @ 12:00 am

There are just some things about people that really turn me off.

I’ve been quiet for quite some time now and it’s about time that I expressed my thoughts on this.

Please allow me to introduce to you four people who really are in need of a wake up call.

Mr. & Mrs. Me are often people who live their lives with this attitude that they can treat people however they choose to treat them, yet demand to be respected. These people are quick to point out your shortcomings, but give them some constructive criticism and they get defensive. These people have voices and want to be heard, but will quickly cut a person off when the topic of conversation isn’t what they want it to be or you’re taking too long to get your point across. These people are only interested or concerned when it benefits them. They will, effortlessly, turn the topic of conversation around to themselves if it isn’t about them to begin with. They tend to take on this role of “victim” and find it easy to blame others for their problems — never admitting any wrong doing or taking responsibility for their own actions.

Mr. & Mrs. Pessimistic are the type who approach almost every situation with a negative attitude. They want to succeed in the things they do but lack the ability to face the fear that is holding them back. As a result, they block their blessings by being a pessimist. You can share with them the most exciting news and their facial expressions, body language, and attitude changes instantaneously because in their mind, anything that isn’t going to benefit them doesn’t really matter; it becomes so routine that the negative behavior is more of the norm. It is clear that these people seek progression because they often complain about being in the position they are in, yet they don’t trust the other alternatives to work in their favor.

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meleah rebeccah June 15, 2009

I know quite a few of those types of people and they get on my nerves too.

Plain Lazy June 19, 2009

Both fair points – but it’s only really 2 types of people – i was waiting for 4……

So here are mine:

Mrs Holier than though. She’s got better morals, shoes, family background, job and boyfriend but has the charector of a caterpillar and is probably shit in bed.

Mr Trendy. He’s got all the latest garms, the best in technology, knows all the latest bands and ‘cool shit’ but lives in the shed out of his mum and dad’s back garden coz they’ve kicked him out coz he’s 27, lives like a tramp and needs to sort his priorities out.

Mr Fitness. makes up for lack of social life by working out ‘hard’ can be heard using phrases like ‘Yar, did a 20 mile run today’ and ‘yay, bench pressed my own body weight – that’s a PB for me’ PB? PB? Anyone who abbreviates whilst talking should be put down.

Ms Organic. Only eats organic raw children, I mean vegetables, i think these people are secretly evil. They must be to be able to survive on a diet of leaves and sprouts, no one else can go for that long without a healthy cooked dinner (with a few pesticides thwon on for good measure), unless they pray to satan when we’re not looking.

Natural June 20, 2009

i try my best to avoid these types of people or turn the conversation to something that’s not so negative.

some people are just that way though and there’s not much you can do about that, but leave them be.

Michael June 26, 2009

Hey, have you seen this news article?
New details about Michael Jackson’s Death Emerge
I was wondering if you were going to blog about this…

rawdawgbuffalo June 30, 2009

wake them up folk

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