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[9/365] it was writtenLetters

In taking the time to place pen to paper writing my tangelo blend of
My shouts of I love you are tossed together with
“renew your subscription here”
All of us stuffed in canvas mailbags,
temporarily housed in the belly of Postal planes.
As the price of cutesy stamps lift like yeast
I hope this note brings you
Good tidings, sweet nothings and the
sudden waft of my love like warm bread.

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Ricardo June 1, 2009

Very cleaver. I really liked this. I don’t like past due notices but that’s another story.

meleah rebeccah June 1, 2009

Great Post!

meleah rebeccah June 1, 2009

Past Du notices make me cringe!

meleah rebeccah June 2, 2009

Damn it! I hate when I have type-os

The Orange Phoenix June 7, 2009

Urban – I like the photo choice! Sorry for the hiatus – life can bring the best inspiration. . . wait and see!

dan-sean mankind June 12, 2009

That was a beautiful post Orange Phoenix! Thanks for sharing it!

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