Weather Confusion

By on May 27, 2009 @ 12:53 pm

Weather Gear

What is up with Mother Nature and why can’t she grasp the concept of warm weather being welcomed by all?

The picture above is a true reflection of confusion, as the minds of the people in NYC don’t know what to put on before leaving the house. Some are mixing it up just in time for the change of season. Sure, a long sleeve shirt is necessary for damp weather for today, but the sun may also join us at some point calling for shorts and t-shirts. And like true New Yorkers, some are ready for a swift change.

Now that I’m writing this post I realize today is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday. I haven’t posted in a while so bump that and allow me to share my thoughts. I’m done really… I just thought I’d share.

Hope you’re enjoying the weather as much as I am. Sigh.

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Waterjay May 28, 2009

Was that final line supposed to be a blessing or a curse? :)
(Psst! It’s me, the Blogger Formerly Known as Lavenderbay. Changed my blog. The new one is very… um… purple. )

Ricardo June 1, 2009

I never know what the heck to wear down there these days because the weather is messed up. It’s really frustrating. I have seen some of these “unique” outfits. I keep a jacket in my backpack.

Natural June 2, 2009

awh urban that’s typical NY gear. i expect to see things like that whenever i visit.

actually i’m going to bring my canon g10 to the city and sit and people watch all day. take pictures and upload them. real soon.

rockyhorror June 5, 2009

Sorry to hear it…why don’t you move on out to Cali? :-)

Our weather here right now is very stable (read: always hot!). We can all sleep peacefully at night knowing that the sun is there in the morning, shining bright! No rain until November/December.

dan-sean mankind June 12, 2009

Well without the words to this blog, this pic alone could hold down a wordless wednesday and explain just what your words have. The dude or female (i can’t hardly tell) is apparently confused with the winter hat, spring jacket, shorts and shoes with no socks. A man riding his bike in the street has on a t-shirt. The weather is definitely confusing the crap out of all of us! Just looking at the pic, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what season it was. LOL…

rockyhorror July 9, 2009

Where you at UT?

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