One Less Life Line

By on April 23, 2009 @ 9:47 am


The absent-minded me left my cell phone in my locker. I wasn’t aware that I didn’t have it on me until I was forty minutes into my commute. At this revelation the invisible light bulb over my head lit up, and I shouted “oh sh*t.” OP, author of Finding Love series who was riding the train with me, perked up and asked me what was wrong. I told her and all she said was: “I guess it will be a much quieter night.” Indeed it was. No frantic calls from the fam. No random text messages. No updates from Twitter. Nothing. Not a voicemail. Not a ring.

Wonder comes over me trying to figure out what we would do if we had no cellular service these days — trying to coordinate meeting up with people or connecting with people on the fly. I don’t even have a home number because I have a cell phone. I’m sure I’m not the only one. But to have that life line disconnected is some sort of weird anomaly that takes some adjustment. Right now, I don’t actually miss the phone but this feeling of technology abandonment (liberation?) will get old very quickly. Good thing is… I’ll get to my phone later.

Side Note: I’d rather my cell phone be ringing off the hook than have callers greeted by a message that states: “At the user’s request this phone number is not active at this time. Please try back later.” Which basically translates to “The mofo you have tried to reach did not pay their cell phone bill on time so we won’t provide service until we get our money. Until then, kick rocks.”

Let’s just hope situations of importance haven’t arisen while I’m sitting here disconnected.

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Sue April 23, 2009

I forget I have a cell phone sometimes because I only use it for emergencies. But on the occasion that the computer is down, I feel a little off not being able to check email and readers.

Natural April 24, 2009

i don’t think people would survive or know how to function if we didn’t have cell phones now. i left mine home for 2 days straight and it made me no never m ind. i hardly turn the darn thing on.

Chris April 26, 2009

LMAO on the side note…I also rather have it ring and hit personal voice …that is so embarrassing when your callers get that message….

meleah rebeccah April 26, 2009

Honestly, there are days when I shut my cell phone off completely. As well as my home phone. Sometimes I just need a break and some silence!

Juan April 27, 2009

I fast from time to time for spiritual renewal and in effort to reboot sort of like a computer. I’ve considered fasting from my cell phone because I’ve become to realize I think I’d miss it more than food…and I really love food.

At least you’re still going to have the phone back in a matter of time. I lost my phone last month out of carelessness and for some hours, I felt utter desperation and sadness.

I was devastated, mostly because of the memory card that held lots of candid photos and videos of my daughter!

rockyhorror June 5, 2009

So glad you still had it–sadly, it’s so devastating to lose one!

dan-sean mankind June 12, 2009

It does feel weird not having a phone, especially when you use it for more than one purpose. Most importantly, I’m quite sure nobody wants to use one of those germ infested pay phones in the city!

Ms. Q July 14, 2009

I don’t use my cell phone all that much. My family tends to call me on my land line as do most of my friends. I only use my cell with those whom I can do that free mobile-to-mobile thing which means that I now have some massive stockpile.

However, I do feel a bit ..untethered when I am not carrying it. I feel safer having one which is so odd since I once lived without one! I also used to carry an address book. I no longer memorize phone numbers! The cell and the PDA store such things for me.

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