Midnight Marauder

By on March 2, 2009 @ 10:48 am

Midnight Marauder
(Based on a photo by Gordon Parks)

Cracked glass
crumbling like ash
Cigarettes on drawn in lips
from running, ducking and dodging
being a male
Of the wrong hue.

Shadows of good still reside
in the gleam of his
pearl handle,
reluctant to use it,
waiting for morning
when MAN-CHILD can be just CHILD
and the only MAN around
stems from Algebra

Midnight Marauder

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Sue March 2, 2009


meleah rebeccah March 2, 2009

*loved this*

dos March 3, 2009


Ricardo March 3, 2009

On fire with the poetry. I could never do it. You have a gift.

The Orange Phoenix March 5, 2009

I’ll keep feeding it, if you keep commenting – thanks.

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