The Road to Obama, Part 2

By on February 27, 2009 @ 12:00 am

The road to Obama was paved with a spiritual awakening — the realization that we as humans aren’t alone in this world. I’m not trying to get all preachy, but on this leg of my vacation, spirits moved and protected us from harm and the dangers that two women could face alone on the highway side.

Beach Front

Basking in the beauty of the beach, something occurred to me – the reason for our instant relaxation was because of our proximity to the water. As the elixir of life, the ocean smiled at us, sunup and sundown. By pure accident, we were upgraded to an ocean front room and stared at the moon as it rose each night, listening to her waves calling us to come and play. . . and one night we did.

So the way I was raised, when visiting someone you bring a gift with you. It’s not only in good taste, but your host is more apt to invite you back — right? So what do you get for the Ocean? — the gal who has everything. . .

Why not bring a little light?

By day, the ocean is warm and tender at the shore side; at night, from afar, she glistens, crashes, and howls both encouragement and warnings to stay away. For three nights, I watched the sun arise from and sink down into her sometimes murky/sometimes clear bosom wondering when and if I was daring enough to go say hello.

I was and I did.

On our last night, my friend and I hell-bent and determined to say that we got in the water in January bounded towards the water, tiptoeing across the wet sand — our footsteps leaving no visible trace that we had been there. At a rare moment during low tide, we walked what seemed like miles into the uncovered sandy seabed until our lovely hostess with the most-ess beckoned us to sit and chat with her.

“What are your dreams, your hopes, your fears? Hand them to me and let me take care of them for you” she said. As much of a burden my problems are, I hate to unload them on anyone, even a deity as awesome as the ocean. With great abandon, I cried into the sea, leaving the bullshit behind: fears of being unloved, unwanted all unwarranted, but still as real as the water under my feet. I left her my hopes of success for the future, both personally, professionally and globally.

So after leaving more water with the ocean, we left some gifts — a candle, just in case she gets afraid of the dark, and some melon to eat cause she must get hungry churning up the rolling tide and a glass of rum to keep the good times rolling. We bid her adieu and walked away hoping that she would spirit us safely on our long journey North — our own North star on the way to freedom with bigger challenges to come.

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Urban Thought March 2, 2009

Alcohol has a habit of warming the soul, especially when you enjoy some brown juice. I’m glad the journey was a pleasant and fulfilling one.

Ricardo March 3, 2009

The ocean is calming. I really ought to venture out to it more when the weather gets nicer. And there is something about it that gets the wheels in the mind turning.

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