Social Networks: What’s Your Drug of Choice?

By on February 13, 2009 @ 2:30 pm

Social Drugs

Social Networks are taking over peoples lives.

One of my old jobs now has a Facebook page. They sent me an e-mail to sign up so they can stop sending e-mails and just broadcast accordingly to their page, so we can stay current with the recent happenings. That’s all well and good for them but I appreciate an e-mail. It’s one thing to have to log into my e-mail (or BlackBerry), it’s another thing to log into some social network for the same thing (not that I wanted to keep up with what is going on at my former place of employment anyway–hence my apprehension of joining their page).

A couple of weeks ago a friend’s birthday came around, her family hit her up on Facebook. Not a phone call. Not a text message to her phone. They hit her up on Facebook. This is family. Why shouldn’t she get a phone call? A card? A hug? Why are we so dependent on technology that we refuse to have some sort of physical/verbal contact with the people we love, or should love, or should love us? Making that phone call means a whole lot more than leaving a message on a wall (Facebook wall–you’d actually have to use a social network to know what this is). After all, this is your flesh and blood? I know they say blood is thicker than water but is binary code thicker than blood? I think not.

I think people are so addicted to social networks, its like a drug and MySpace is that gateway drug, like weed. Everyone has tried it once (but some people won’t admit to inhaling). You start there and make your way up to cocaine or what some of us call Twitter-I figure you sniff cocaine line by line so aren’t tweets are same thing?

But if MySpace is Weed and Twitter is Cocaine what does that make Facebook? Crack.

Yeah, Facebook is Crack (for some). You just can’t get them off it. The internet would have to shut down for them to get off it.

It has to be. Some people just can’t get off it. They try to push it on you the moment they get a hit they are all over the place and feel at ease with the world. Yet, they want nothing to do with you unless you’re on it too. Why are you calling me? Why didn’t you just hit me up on Facebook? You ask them what they did for the weekend and they tell you, “Didn’t you read my Facebook page? I updated all weekend.”

But lets not forget Friendster, Bebo, and Orkut. Some people won’t admit to using any of these services but they are out there. Kinda like Crystal Meth is out there. You can make it in your basement, garage or even in your car but you are a little ashamed to tell anyone you’re on it.

Who am I to say anything about anyone else? Twitter was my Crack once. I would tweet from my phone while at the movies, getting my haircut, watching TV. Anything and anyplace I could tweet I would tweet. I’d talk about Twitter like it was my new best friend. “I don’t know how to quit you, Twitter.” But then my phone died on me one day and I was out of touch. And Twitter was out of reach and then I told myself I could live without Twitter. Twitter won’t be the death of me.

I don’t want to get to the point where I cannot talk to people. I already have issues with text messaging. Why add social networking to the list?

Disclaimer: Urban Thought isn’t promoting the use of drugs. This is purely a post meant as satire. Although social networks can be addictive but is also aware of its practical value (depends on the user). This is purely a Free Writing post gone wrong.
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PopArtDiva February 13, 2009

I had to laugh at this – the disclaimer you posted was probably the biggest laugh for me. A disclaimer is like a cyber caveat emptor – gotta have one so might as well make it funny – which you did.

Calling Facebook the equivalent of Crack made me guffaw like a donkey! He Haw!

I also had to laugh at you saying MySpace was the gateway drug. So now that the potential twelve steppers have drifted into the harder social networks like Twitter and Facebook, my question is which one will become the equivalent of heroin or opium?

Is the mantra of the tech generation “Sex, Twit and Rock and Roll”?

Urban Thought February 13, 2009

PopArtDiva: That’s funny that you found the disclaimer funny cause I wasn’t even trying. LOL… Not sure about what social networks would be equivalent to heroin or opium. I’m still trying to find out which one would be a direct companion for ‘ecstasy.’

I think the mantra for the tech generation would be a remix of yours and would actually be “Text, Tweet and Download.” Thank you for stopping through.

sHaE-sHaE: Pardon me for not making it easier for you.

sHaE-sHaE February 13, 2009

I’m not addicted to social networking… but I did try to click that photo so I could log onto Facebook.

*trying not to look guilty*

mike February 13, 2009

addicted to social networking?
100 email notifications in 2 days.
and that’s just one of the two inboxes i’ve devoted to it.

The Fitness Diva February 13, 2009

I think some of it gets a bit out of hand. I was never really into MySpace. I opened an account and then just ignored it. Still sitting there, with the last post of a blog entry i did 3 years ago. Hundreds of people trying to friend me also got ignored. I just saw it as a juvenile “look at me and my really cool pics and glitter graphics” kind of thing. Hell, I have a blog for that! kidding. kidding! 😉 but am seriously still not, nor have I ever been impressed with MySpace.

Joined Facebook before it became crack. Ignored it, but then began to see some benefits, especially now that I can post my blog posts and videos on it, and have people other than just teenagers, wanna be models or wanna be music “artists” see them. Facebook gets my attention about twice a week.

Now Twitter….I’m on there for about 3 months now and see that a whole lotta people on it have a problem, you hear me? LOL! Folks tweeting every two minutes like tweets are breaths of air! I’m like, holy shit, who needs that much attention? My God! I use my Twitter almost daily, also for business reasons, but only tweet about 2 to 5 times a day, if that. hell, I even skip days. Sorry, my life just cannot revolve around an online media social network, and I don’t get how or why it is SO vital to certain folks that they’re on there all day.
I would have a ton more followers, but won’t follow back anyone who tweets more than 20 to 30 times a day. I want to be in and out, check for some quick links, briefly see who’s saying what, and then, back to my life. Your tweets are takin’ up the first 3 whole pages of mine, then you gotta go! lol!
yeah, i think that some people really are addicted and have found a new way to get some recognition with these things…. not that that’s all bad. We all want that. Some of us just really don’t need THAT much of it! At least not minute by minute, or second by second! 😉

Natural February 14, 2009

urban. come here. let me give you a hug. okay now.

the world has gone mad and my drug of choice is twitter, but even i’m not on that much anymore.

people are so afraid they are going to miss the next best thing and life, family and friends are passing them by.

i was going to write my funny observation on this topic but it hasn’t come to me yet, but everything is a freaking social networking. is a bit sickening. pick 2 or even three networks and go live your life.

rawdawg February 16, 2009

mine is the pletera of online news paper blogs – i use twitter to expand my reading base

Skee Stylus February 16, 2009

Great Post. I was one that was committed to “just saying no.” I gave MySpace the complete stiff arm. Facebook tempted me a bit but I finally was bitten by Twitter. Like any other addict, I’ll tell you that I can quit at any time. Honestly that’s the way I feel but after reading your analogy…I think I might need help. Sign me up for Celebrity Rehab Season 12.

Black Girl Thinking February 17, 2009

lol @ the disclaimer

I have a Myspace account, Facebook, Multiply..and hmm let me see..A few others that I rarely check and often forget about unless I get an invite out of the blue stating that someone wants to connect lol

I usually check Myspace everyday though..I can’t help it :-( lol

Ricardo February 19, 2009

I love twitter but hate Facebook. I think twitter gives you more space to be selective about what you share but you can tweet your life away. I find it fun to use as a supplement to my blog. It allows me to cover fun real time stories that I can’t do on the blog. So in a way it’s made blogging even more 24/7. Sounds like the dead phone caused you to quit the tweeting cold turkey.

lavenderbay February 20, 2009

Blogging is my social network. I have a nice, manageable number of blogfriends. Between reading and responding to others’ posts, and trying to compose my own, I spend plenty of time on the computer already!
But then again, I’ve never been an extrovert. :)

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