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By on February 5, 2009 @ 11:07 am

Briskly walking through the streets, thinking of lying in bed to rest up for another day, I make my way to my building.

Luck and time are on my side as I see the elevator awaiting my arrival.

Pressing the button for my floor, I contemplate the many activities I must complete before I count sheep.

Finally, the elevator arrives and I push the door open. Only I’m greeted by an unusual stench, a stench not quite familiar to my nostrils (at least not in my own residential building). A foul order of musk, cheap liquor and nicotine filled the air.

Did I get off at the wrong level? No, the graffiti and the view out the window is the same.

As I turn the corner I stopped in mid-stride. A body lay on the floor in front of me, in my path on my way to my own apartment. Unfamiliar to my eyes, my mind starts running rampant. Do I call the police? Do I get my knife ready?

The man looked of the vagrant type. A glazed look covered his face and he looked up at me with pensive eyes.

I walked past him and made my way to my door and quickly shuffled in.

The following morning I ran into my next door neighbor. I mentioned that someone was laid up in the hallway, drunk.

“Oh, that guy… Yeah, he lives next door. Sometimes they (the loud music neighbors) don’t open the door because it spoils their partying.

Hood Life… Randon and loving it, sorta!

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Sue February 5, 2009

Sheesh. I’m glad you are safe. I read the first link with the sour joke, but the second link about loud music neighbors doesn’t work.

Your world is definitely interesting, isn’t it?

Urban Thought February 6, 2009

Thank you, Sue. I’m happy it didn’t turn out to be an ugly situation. The worst is having beef in your own neighborhood.

Zayin_ February 10, 2009

Wow! your words are full of imagery. We have a similar style in writing! Sometimes I don’t know how people don’t enjoy writing. Anyway, glad to hear nothing bad happened in that situation. Oh and by the way thanks for the input on My Heartache post. Glad to know someone else could read in between the lines.

dan-sean mankind February 10, 2009

whoa! that’s some deep ish right there! it’s quite hilarious and sickening at the same time.

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