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You and I don’t look alike.

We don’t speak the same.

We come from different racial backgrounds.

We don’t dress the same.

While these truths may be the only things we know about one another, we focus on those differences and often refuse to see past them. We have our own perception of each other either by physical appearance or association. We stand in the same places literally breathing the same air, yet we could look one another in the eye in passing without speaking. We may have some of the same qualities, may have experienced some of the same struggles, may even have some of the same ideas and aspirations. We may discover that we have more similarities than differences. Fear of the unknown does nothing but keep us seperated. Being different gives us the opportunity to learn from one another.

Communication bridges the gap between different cultural groups and opens our minds to endless possibilities.

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rawdawgbuffalo January 30, 2009

i could not have said it better

Sue January 30, 2009

Well said. I am of the variety who are drawn to differences. To me they are less dividers than doorways.

es January 31, 2009

very nice insights!

Urban Thought January 31, 2009

Man, get out of my head. I was having this conversation with someone just the other day. You should have been there.

Grace @ Sandier Pastures February 1, 2009

This insight best describes the large expat community in Dubai. There are people from 200 different countries here.

Lavenderbay February 1, 2009

Good job, well said.
One “communication bridge” I’ve been setting foot on for a number of months now is your blog. As a white person, I was afraid for quite a while that I was crashing your party, but you’ve all invited me in and set me in a corner of the couch with a beer. Way to go! One encounter at a time.

dan-sean mankind February 2, 2009

Thanks all for your observations! This is a very touchy topic that needed to be addressed!

Urban Thought February 2, 2009

Lavenderbay: This party is for everyone. We don’t discriminate.

meleah rebeccah February 3, 2009

wow. just wow.

Sukhmandir Kaur February 4, 2009

A lovely contrast and one which is very close to home :)

rawdawgbuffalo February 4, 2009

nice work

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