Foto Friday: NHL Winter Classic 2009

By on January 9, 2009 @ 12:00 pm

New Years Day was but a week ago but it is still vivid in my mind as I remember sitting in the freezing cold watching an NHL game for the first time. The Winter Classic is one of those rare events where the NHL played at a Baseball Park. History was made that day, at least for me.

I was only able to take but so many pictures, as my hands were being attacked by the chill in the air. Even with gloves on my finger tips were going numb. I didn’t stay past the second period… I lost the feeling in my feet and needed to depart before my legs followed suit.

The following is an array of photographs from that day:

Winter Classic 2009

Home of the Chicago Cubs

Winter Classic 2009

Vendors & Spectators

Winter Classic 2009

Happy To Be Here

Winter Classic 2009

A Kodak Moment

Those buildings above the screen and next to the advertising are actually across the street from the stadium.

Winter Classic 2009

Not Quite Full...

Winter Classic 2009

Practice makes perfect...

I’m glad I wasn’t the only fool sitting out in cold weather.

Winter Classic 2009

Finally... The stadium is full...

Winter Classic 2009

Let's get it started!

Winter Classic 2009

Smoke & Fire...

An NHL game is the only sport you can go to where everyone knows the Canadian National Anthem. Hats were off and everyone saluted.

Winter Classic 2009

Oh Canada!

So much pride was in the crowd for their home country.

Winter Classic 2009

Oh, Say Can You See...

As soon as the verse about the “rockets red glare” thunder erupted across the stadium as the sparks reached for the sky.

Winter Classic 2009

Bursting in air...

What would a sporting even be without woman in skimpy outfits? I know they are freezing. It was cold enough to freeze the bottle of water I purchased. Not to mention the water I spilled on my jacked that turned to ice in an instant.

Winter Classic 2009

Hot (females) & Cold (outside)

This beer never got warm… Even after holding it for an hour.

Winter Classic 2009

Ice Cold Beer

What would Chicago be without the Blues Brothers… This is in Midway Airport.

Blues Brothers

Chillin' Out...

Blues Brothers

Rock Out!

Hopefully, this will be one of many first to conquer in 2009.

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sHaE-sHaE January 9, 2009

So they’re definitely OK now right? They’re not going bankrupt with the Tribune Col?

meleah rebeccah January 9, 2009

These photos RULE. It really was the COLDEST day EVER on the East Coast. I was never so freezing in my whole life!

sdg1844 January 9, 2009

Dang! There is no way I could sit out in the cold like that. I need to keep it moving when it gets that cold.

Ricardo January 9, 2009

New layout looks great. yes this is an event the NHL does each year. It goes over well. It does seem like it would interesting to watch but if your hands were going numb in the cold, get out of there I say. I know that feeling and it is not good!

Dennis the Vizsla January 10, 2009

Jake! Elwood! How’s the Mission from God going?

Lavenderbay January 10, 2009

The words to our national anthem used to be even more repetitive: if you said either “O Canada” or “we stand on guard”, you’d have a 3:1 chance of being right.

Dan-Sean Mankind January 11, 2009

Better you than me being outdoors to see a game. Thanks for sharing this experience.

The Fitness Diva January 11, 2009

Great pics!

Hockey fans are pretty hard core, huh? Only a Giants vs Somebody Really Good game would make me even consider sitting in a cold ass stadium for a few hours… 😉

Skee Stylus January 14, 2009

I’m not a Hockey fan but I’ve caught the past two classics. Its such a cool event…literally. I’ve been to Wrigley once for a baseball game so it must have been bananas for the hockey game. Good ish Thought.

Urban Thought January 14, 2009

sHaE-sHaE: I didn’t even know there was an issue. I’ll have to do some research and get back to you.

meleah rebeccah: Glad you like them. Yeah, I heard it was horrible come midnight in NYC. I’m glad I was in Chicago. It wasn’t so bad during the early morning. But sitting out there so long really took a toll on me.

sdg1844: I know what you mean. This was a once in a lifetime experience. I don’t think I’ll be repeating it any time soon.

Ricardo: Thank you. Yeah, the place was jam packed. Everyone was saying they should do it more often. I think the novelty would wear thin if they did.

Dennis: Say what?

Lavenderbay: LOL… oh really? I will have to look into the history of the anthem. I’ve never actually paid attention to the words outside of the phrase “Oh Canada.”

DSM: Yeah, I think you might have left in the first ten minutes.

The Fitness Diva: Thank you. Yeah, it was interesting. No real beef outside the chants but they chanted a lot through out the game. I was ready to see a fight. I think that is what most people I know associate with the thought of hockey.

Skee Stylus: I’m not fan either. Never thought to go to a game, at all. Thx.

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