Thoughtful Thursday: A Hodgepodge of Thought

By on January 8, 2009 @ 10:50 am

You Know It’s January when…

mile fourWhen you get to the gym and every cardio machine is taken, the free weight area is standing room only, all the mats for stretching are being used, and the check in counter is out of towels, you know it’s January. Every one and their cousin is at the gym trying to get fit for the new year. For those of us who go all year round this can be exhausting. You have to wait in line for a chance at the treadmill. And the gym actually has the area staffed so no one goes over thirty minutes (keep in mind I’m up to doing an hour of cardio these days). Let’s not talk about those who are breathing down your neck or hovering over you as you work out because they want next on the machine.

Resolution Resolve

I’m all for goals but New Year’s resolutions are a joke. The moment you stop saying Happy New Year is usually when that resolution goes out the window. If you start the goal when it is in heavy thought rotation then you have a better success rate of keeping it rather than waiting for the beginning of the year. Let’s take fitness for example: I wanted a better body for the summer of 2009. You know when I started working on that better body? Summer of 2008.

Another way of keeping your goal is to enlist in the help of others… One of my goals was to watch what I eat. So I told my barista at the local coffee shop not to put whip cream on any beverage I order. I walked in the other day and asked for my usual. The young lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted whipped cream on it and my barista yelled out don’t offer him any whipped cream. I’m going to have to put a note up. Yeah, they all know me there. So now there is a note at the register not to offer me any whipped cream. Now if I can just get those people at the Wendy’s to stop serving me food I will be on the right track.

Straw Poll

After having some drinks the other day with a co-worker she couldn’t help but point out that they never give a straw for water but they give you a straw for a cocktail. Does anyone know why that is?

Where have you gone?

Always keeping my iPod on shuffle, my ears were blessed with the sound of “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” Where is she now and why couldn’t she have been together enough to have a solo career that produced more than one studio CD? (I say studio because I know she has that MTV Unplugged CD).

Please stand clear of the doors…

Still trying to understand why the slowest people stand in front of the
door of a not-so-empty train and then don’t know how to move when the doors open so people can get on and off.

I’m through ranting. Hope you too have a Thoughtful Thursday.

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Sue January 8, 2009

You’re the second blogger to write about this. By the way, the submit button has floated over the comment box.

Anyway, I don’t bother with my local gyms. I think that crowded situation might be too much for me. I’d rather pull out a DVD at home and use my own yoga mat.

dan-sean mankind January 8, 2009

Ugh! I Can’t stand a packed gym! I only frequent a gym maybe once or twice in a blue moon, but it’s not cool to be in a packed gym with limited time to work out.

You are so right about the resolutions. Who in their right mind puts a date on when to change? No one knows where they will be a second from now…

The straw thing has me baffled. I still am wondering why they put a lemon wedge in the water sometimes. I mean come on, I’m skinny! I am not trying to drink diet water! LOL…

Lauryn Hill? Ummm, stick to her only studio CD because the chances of her coming back are slim to none.

The people who ride the subways and hog the doors piss me off. It’s like they are the plague that wants you to be late for work.

Grace @ Sandier Pastures January 8, 2009

Ditto about the gym here so I wouldn’t go and just wait for summer (i.e. April) when Dubai really gets really hot and the heat will naturally melt my fat.

Urban Thought January 8, 2009

Sue: I’m glad I’m not alone in my way of thinking. When I first started going to the gym it was a little intimidating but now I’m so used to it that it doesn’t bother me to the point that I want to leave. I’m patient and can move on to other things until my time comes. Others don’t seem to be able to do that.

I’ve been trying to fix that for a couple of days now. It appears to be a Firefox/Chrome issue. I look at it in Internet Explorer and it doesn’t happen. I even went so far as to replace the .php file that supports the function and no luck.

DSM: I think this will only last til March so I’m going to deal with it til then. LOL @ diet water.

About Lauryn Hill: Yeah, I’ve actually been holding onto the fact that it won’t happen but maybe if I put it out there something will come of it.

Grace: Maybe I need to spend some time out there. I can’t get my stomach as flat as I would like and that heat might help.

The Orange Phoenix January 8, 2009

– See the problem with Lauryrn Hill is that she is too busy popping out the kids. . – On the straw poll, its better to gulp water than cocktails otherwise they would find everyone on the floor gagging. . .

Loving the Thursday rant!

Lavenderbay January 9, 2009

On behalf of all dim-sighted, slow-reflexed, short, timid, anxious, unassertive, infrequent subway riders who find they’ve inadvertently booked their optometrist appointment for rush hour, I would just like to apologize…

Urban Thought January 9, 2009

TOP: That sounds like a lot of popping right there. But I’m sure she is sitting there with cash in pocket that she doesn’t have to worry about working anymore.

Lavenderbay: LOL… It’s all good. You’re wit is amazing.

meleah rebeccah January 9, 2009

I resolved to STOP making New Years resolutions in 2006. And that’s probably the only resolution I’ve ever kept!

sdg1844 January 9, 2009

I’ve made no resolutions, just a commitment to lifestyle changes of which better health is one. Don’t get me started on public transportation.

Ricardo January 9, 2009

What did ever happen to Ms.Hill? She was all over the place in the late 90s and I liked some of her stuff and then….gone. If I spot her I will let you know.

These new people at the gym will vanish by the end of the month. I’m sure it is frustrating however.

I do get a straw with my water at my local watering hole.

invisiblewoman January 10, 2009

ummm….who drinks water through a straw?

re the gym: that’s why i go to pilates; no one is resolutin’ there…lol

Urban Thought January 14, 2009

meleah rebeccah: Sounds like a New Years resolution that can actually succeed with ease.

sdg1844: That’s a good move. Yeah, I could only image stories you may have about transportation.

Ricardo: She is laying up making babies from what The Orange Phoenix tells me. I think she is ego trippin too, which is why that last album never made it.

IW: I know a few people in the office who drink water through a straw. I don’t know about when they are out. But there are some places I wouldn’t drink from the rim of the glass. LOL @ “no one is resolutin’ there” too funny… And they give you all breathing room and space. Have to appreciate that.

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