I Decided… Part 1

By on December 16, 2008 @ 9:30 am

When I talk, you don’t listen. All I hear is silence when I speak. I know you don’t hear me because when I say hello, you respond with “huh”. You claim to have heard me, but you’re unable to relay anything back that I spoke to you. You’re being dishonest. Apparently, some one or some thing has your attention and it isn’t me.

Yet you claim that you’re interested in me. You claim you want to get to know me. You even go as far as stating that you “love” me.

I try another approach by leaving you little notes thinking that maybe they’d grab your attention. I can tell that you’ve been reading them because they’re not in the same place I left them. Still, I get little or no feedback from you. You say you’re interested, but your actions show that you cannot seem to make any time for me.

You claim that you care about me and what it is I had to say.

I’m quickly losing interest.

No longer am I interested in conversing with you. No longer am I interested in being in your presence. I’m not even interested in hearing your voice. I’ve realized that I’m only wasting my time with false hopes that you’re going to be who you said you were from the beginning. So, I decide to move on with my life.

Suddenly, you have time. Now, you’re willing to show me something. I know exactly why you’re so eager to come around. You’re jealous… You didn’t want me even when you said you did, but the slightest idea of some other person having my attention fuels your actions towards me. Jealousy shouldn’t be your motivation. Genuine interest, care and admiration should be your motivation when wanting to build a relationship with another person.

At this point, my mind is made up and I’m firm in my decision to move forward without you. Thanks, but no thanks.

Now, in your eyes, I am “wrong” for “not giving” you the opportunity to show me that you can be true and live up to those things you once spoke from your mouth.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you had your chance and you reneged by being self absorbed and dishonest. It was to my understanding that those feelings expressed in the beginning were mutual between the two of us and it was clearly one sided.

I will not be available when it’s convenient for you. No, I’m not going to fall for reverse psychology when I wasn’t the one who did anything wrong. That is not the way that building a relationship goes. You can’t just toy with people’s emotions and then attempt to make them feel guilty for making a move towards their happiness. Everyone deserves a chance and many times in life, we’re given more than one.  Unfortunately, you won’t be given another chance by me. I hope that what you may have learned in this situation can be applied to your next one.

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Eb December 16, 2008

Isnt it crazy how long we put so much energy into something without it being reciprocated and we just let it drain us and drain us until we just give up and shut down like you did here and just remove the person. Its a shame situations have to end that way… I just recently went threw something similar. Getting rid of someone that was draining too much of my energy and not putting anything positive back in to keep me going.

Sue December 16, 2008

Very VERY well said.  Bravo.

Ms. Q December 16, 2008

Very healthy and well said. No anger, just the facts. You did your part and your best to make a relationship work.

No one should be working to get attention all the time.

People do show their “true colors” over time – they may be nice in the beginning and then once they “have” you, the honeymoon is over so to speak.

VERY good for you to move on. It can be hard, though. Even if you haven’t known them for very long.

meleah rebeccah December 16, 2008

good for you for walking away and NOT playing The Game.

Chica December 16, 2008

I hope the person that this is meant for gets a chance to see it.

Lavenderbay December 18, 2008

Fifty years in a relationship that starts off this poorly can’t be right.

sdg1844 December 19, 2008

So very true.

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