Fatty Water

By on December 10, 2008 @ 12:00 am

I recently went to the movie theater and this signage caught my attention. I wasn’t aware that water had calories. And someone please tell me why the small bottle has up to five but the large has zero.

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Juan December 10, 2008

OH yeah well that’s easy to explain.  Well you see…uh….um.  Ya! Definitely an urban observation.

Mike Belgrove December 10, 2008

Geez, its gotten to the point where even water is becoming unhealthy

lavenderbay December 10, 2008

Good catch!
After spending almost (or more than? is there sales tax? ) four bucks on a small bottle of water, my snack budget would be shot so I would have to eat the bottle, which would be five calories or fewer, depending on whether I ate the cap or not.

Princess0889 December 10, 2008

I think possibly they have started to put sugar in the water but that is just my personal opinion. But the sign is perplexing maybe you should as to see what kind of answer you get. I am too sure that would be funny.

Urban Thought December 11, 2008

Juan: This is why I had to take a picture of it. Because this ish makes no sense at all.

Mike: I’m sure tap water is looking more and more appealing at this point.
Lavenderbay: Sales tax is included, I think. I don’t know about eating the bottle but I’d be the one taking it with me to reuse at the office.
Princess0889: Next time I go, which won’t be for another couple of weeks, I’ll be sure to pull the manager to the side. I’ll report back and see what they say.
Dan-Sean Mankind December 15, 2008

OMG. Fat and non-fat water. Lol. Well they are selling vitamin water. Next, we will be purchasing air!

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