McDonald’s Marketing: What are you thinking?

By on December 5, 2008 @ 5:10 pm

People are abuzz over the new McDonald’s commercial featured below.

[youtube 0Rb7qt7xkj0 nolink]

Some are crying racism over the washed up R&B artist singing to his girl, trying to get her to share the chicken nuggets. Not being a fan of McDonald’s won’t get me to label it racism. I’d prefer to label it “garbage.” And I’d gladly debate anyone who disagrees with me. I cannot understand why folk are so quick to label something racist when it is just pure garbage with a cast of black people. Not racism, just a waste of production time and money. Well, not quite, seeing that everyone is talking about it. Will this get you to go to McDonald’s for some nuggets when Wendy’s clearly serves a better product?

McDonald’s doesn’t stop at the commercial with their creative marketing efforts.

They’ve gone so far as to ask you how you like your sausage. If you don’t like fillers and extender then the Mickey D’s sausage is for you.


I miss the days when the clown and the purple blob dude would appear in McDonald’s commercials, when the only cheese was on the Hamburglar, not a cheesy parody on today’s R&B.

Are you lovin it?

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Eb December 5, 2008

lol… I just ate me some wendy’s… I hate mcdonalds… the only time I can even stomach is if its in the middle of the night and I am drunk and need something in my stomach to hold me over b/c usually its the only thing still open in the middle of the night… but that commercial… I dont see it as racist at all… just dumb and corny as hell… the last line takes the cake “girl you got a 10piece dont be stingy” uuummmmm… a 10piece aint that much, I’m sure you can afford to go get one yourself… and why did she have to sneak out the house to get mickey d’s, and if she was a real GF she would have brought her BF something back

sHaE-sHaE December 5, 2008

I agree, it’s not racist, it’s just corny. I don’t even know who that dude is but he’s trying REAL hard.

The Orange Phoenix December 5, 2008

Aint nothing racist about this – just bad singing!!!

Ms. Q December 5, 2008

Racist? That’s seems a BIG stretch to me. I thought it was hilarious! I would have taken that as an intentional parody with all those music video cliches – the high heel stepping outta the car shot, the yearning closeup, the one-eyed glance…all over McNuggets!

I haven’t eaten at any of the burger chains in years. Although ever since someone mentioned KFC for T-day I’ve been (ugh) thinking about their biscuits and maybe some chicken. ARRGGGh. But this will pass, thank goodness.

lavenderbay December 7, 2008

Nice voice! I’m sure I’ve seen commercials showing people sneaking other people’s junk food or hiding their own (one from about 35 years ago, of a man tucking a box of Crackerjack into a false book on his bookshelf, comes to mind) . Can’t see what’s being labeled racism here either.

Marvalus December 7, 2008

Garbage indeed! I cringe everytime this commercial comes on TV…just bad!

Dan-Sean Mankind December 8, 2008

I think the commercial is funny and hardly racist. What’s the fuss?

Black Girl Thinking December 9, 2008

I am so NOT loving it. I wouldn’t say the commerical is racist, but I do think it is quite lame.

ey February 22, 2009

yes it is!!!

Dave May 4, 2009

The best thing about that sausage bag is the images below the text. A pig and a cheese grater. Interesting images for sausage marketing.

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