First Day of the Last Month of The Year

By on December 1, 2008 @ 9:27 am

In other words: It’s December 1 and it is also Monday. 

What did I learn this weekend? Just a little bit of something. 

  1. I prefer to be at work than at home.
    Sunday I found myself sitting on the couch eating everything in sight and watching none other than Britney Spears on MTV. I’m not a fan but Britney does have some sense. And the fact that she married and divorced Kevin Federline is proof positive that once you go black, you do turn back, especially when the person you are leaving the black woman for has a lot more money than you can ever imagine making yourself.
  2. Barack Hussein Obama
    I know it bothers some people that Barack Obama’s middle name is also the name of the number one terrorist in the word. However, he has one of the hottest names right now. Ten boys have been given his name (either Barack or Obama). And it doesn’t stop there. His children as well as his wife are being shown love too. My main concern is that these children will grow up and apply for jobs and not get them. I still don’t think parents realize that some folk don’t look at a resume if they cannot get past the name. But hopefully by the time these children grow up people will have a change of heart and actually get into the character of a person rather than their name, the color of their skin and all the other stuff people descriminate against.   


  3. Don’t renege on an invitation for a potluck meal after you’ve already agreed to go.
    I spent my Thanksgiving with a bunch of my friends. What I found most interesting is that the host made specific items for me. Everyone who I call a friend knows I’m particular (not picky) about what I eat. It is nice when someone takes the time out to make something just for you. I was going to cancel and not go but I wanted to keep my word. Not to mention, I was the person designated to bring the vegetable (string beans w/potatoes). I’m a better man for it. We ate, drank and played games until four in the morning. But you know it’s time to go when the host tells you “I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Do either one of you need a number for a cab?” Always looking out. I took the train though.
  4. Even though you don’t speak to some people on the regular doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about you.
    On Thanksgiving I received 42 text messages. I couldn’t believe the number of people that hit up my phone before 9am. It’s a Holiday and most people had off. Who is really getting up that early? I had a splitting headache when I woke up from the birthday celebration I attended the night before. But back to the messages… Some folks, I haven’t spoken to in months and others that have fallen off the grid have come out the wood work.
Hope everyone had a great holiday.
UPDATE: This would have been number five had I written notes when I wrote this post.
As I was talking to a co-worker I was reminded that a Wal-Mart employee died while opening a door for Black Friday. I’ve never been one to shop on Black Friday. I prefer to stay my black ass home and keep my wallet in my pocket. I know they have 20% – 50% off sales but I prefer the savings of 100% of my money and the likelyhood that I’ll be able to live to tell the tale of what was an uneventful Friday.
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rawdawgbuffalo December 1, 2008

well dec is the month of my bday  yeaa

Sue December 1, 2008

I find it ridiculous that people are upset over his name.  Fear of a name?  Why not look at the man, his achievements, his candor or character?  Why just his name?  It’s not like he named himself, for crying out loud!

Greg December 1, 2008

In regard to #2, that’s why I’m naming all my children Ken and Barbie. I’m not even giving them my last name. I’m calling them either Ken Moneymaker or Barbie Moneymaker. I’m even adding numbers to the end to class them up a bit: Ken Moneymaker III (the third) or Barbie Moneymaker IV. The numbers also help tell them apart.

Regarding #4, those messages could have been a last attempt effort on behalf of those people to get invited somewhere. Holidays often make people realize how lonely they are. I tend to forgo the text message and just show up at random homes where I see a lot of cars parked outside carrying a casserole.

Lavenderbay December 1, 2008

Okay, it’s the wrong end of the church year, but your #2 makes me think of the crowd scene, when they’re asked who they want released: the murderer Barabbas or the upstart Jesus? We know who gets let go. The interesting thing is that “Barabbas” means “son of the father”, which is how Jesus called himself, too. Essentially, it was on a whim that the crowd chose Barabbas; to them he was indistinguishable from Jesus.
So I think — and hope — you’re right, that 20 years from now those 2,000 young Baracks won’t have any trouble finding jobs.

cardiogirl December 2, 2008

Funny, I saw Number Four as a sign of peace in the holiday season to come. A nice, quick way to say “Hi, I’ve been thinking about you and I wanted to let you know.”

But I did find Greg’s take on it amusing. I like how he eliminates the red tape (the text message) and rolls right up to the party.

p.s. I also like that my comment starts with cardiogirl wrote these pithy words.

meleah rebeccah December 2, 2008

I cant wait to see how many MELIA’S will be born this year. FINALLY my name will be ‘popular’….

Ms. Q December 2, 2008

1. I like going into work but I’m thankful I can work from home! Working from home too much makes me feel like I’m not so much part of the team. It’s also good to get outta the house. You succumbed to Britney news? No wonder you prefer being at work.

2. Some names will go down in infamy. I can’t imagine having the last name Hitler. It’s just too big of a bad association. Not that I’d descriminate but, well, it’s would be difficult to ignore. People make all kinds of assumptions based on a name. Gender. Race. Culture. Unless we apply for jobs as mere numbers, people will make assumptions! Humans like to label.

3. Yep. I agree. You make a commitment to friends, it’s best to stick to it.

4. Thanksgiving and Christmas..yes, people who don’t talk to you all year will email or in some form, contact you. It’s a reaching-out time of year.

5. That story is sad. I dislike shopping and all that it involves (parking, crowds, lines) that these big sales sounds like torture. I did end up buying something online on Black Friday. Hadn’t planned on it. But the merchant had markdowns on a few things as well as free shipping. I’ve been not exactly “needing” new clothes as looking at what I have and realizing..gosh, not a lot of pizzazz here. The merchant had some stuff that NO WAY would I pay 60 bucks for but 40 or 30 bucks? OK. Now that’s value.

Ricardo December 3, 2008

The Wal Mart thing makes me sick.  Are we that bloodthirsty for material goods?  And that is a record breaking # of text messages.

The Orange Phoenix December 4, 2008

I wonder what the compensation package is for the Walmart family – just sad that getting a sale has to be a life or death situation.

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