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With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, I have many thoughts in my head about what I am thankful for. Those who know me are aware that I’ve endured many hardships and made many accomplishments as well. I’m going to share some things that I am truly thankful for. Hopefully, this list will inspire some one else to think about the things they may or may not take for granted in life.

I am thankful for:
Being able to have all working limbs
Good health
Supportive family/friends
My job
Having the opportunity to make a positive impact on a child’s life
Having a roof over my head and food to eat
Those people who inspire me to do better in life
Those people who show me what not to by way of their actions

I believe it’s really crucial to show those whom you love and care for how appreciative you are. Also, it’s highly important to know that nothing is possible without the grace of God.

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Ricardo November 24, 2008

Well said Dan-Sean.  I often have to go back to the basics like you do and remind myself that life is not so bad.  Things like being happy you have a job, working limbs and a roof over your head.  I was without one for a bit and it’s not fun!  A true time to be thankful indeed.  

Lavenderbay November 24, 2008

The phrase might sound a bit corny, but a minister I know calls what you’ve got an “attitude of gratitude” . Happy Thanksgiving!

sdg1844 November 24, 2008

Amen! I realize how lucky I am in my home, job and the wonderful people I know. I am very thankful.

meleah rebeccah November 25, 2008

Wonderful things to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving. xxoo

Lavenderbay November 25, 2008

Btw, Dan-Sean, Urban, and Orange, I’m thankful for the opportunity of reading your blog. In my Nov 21 entry, I handed out some blog awards, and gave you guys the Superior Scribbler award, because I think what the three of you share is your love for observing and describing human nature.

Urban Thought November 26, 2008

Happy Holiday’s to you bruh. Although I’ve spoken to you earlier today I cannot tell you enough how blessed I am to know you and share this space with you fam.

I’ve been slow in getting a lot of stuff done Lavenderbay. but I’ll be sure to get to getting on top of what I’ve missed out on, award included. BTW… Thank you much on behalf of all of us here at Urban Observation. But I’ll make a post to specially shout you out.

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