Halloween 2008

By on November 12, 2008 @ 12:00 am

Halloween has come and gone but I did say I would display photos at some point.  I’ve been pretty busy trying to figure out this new plug-in, which has a bit of a learning curve (or I’m just that slow).

The photos are not of the parade itself but of folks who happen to be in the area. It was too packed for me to stick around so i took some photos and kept it moving. Please pardon the poor quality. I haven’t developed enough skill to take decent photos of people in low light.

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Greg November 12, 2008

That last one, bottom right, is a great reason never to show up at the party drunk.

Skee Stylus November 12, 2008

Oh yeah you got some good pics. There sure are some weirdos out there. Good ish Thought.

dan-sean mankind November 12, 2008

I love to see people dressed up. At the same time, it scares me to not know who could be behind a mask. Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

Lavenderbay November 12, 2008

Great pictures! Everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. I like the pleased smile of the bubblebath woman, the friendly acknowledgement of Bill Clinton. I think my favourite, though — because to me it says “Welcome to NYC” — is the fifth photo, of the nonchalant shopkeeper watching the big demon stroll down the street. Come to New York, and see it all.

dej November 12, 2008

lmao@the last pic
maybe i passed u and didnt even know it

Urban Thought November 12, 2008

Greg: He appeared to be having a good time. He wasn’t alone though… It was a group of four all decked out in their gear. But I couldn’t capture them all.

S. Stylus: Thanks homie… You know I wish I didn’t worry about crowds so much or else I’d have even more pictures to show off.

DSM: Yeah… It takes a lot of work to get ready with all that, for those who actual get creative with it. Good to see people having a good time and letting loose.

Lavenderbay: Thank you. Yeah, it was a blast to watch. No worries from anyone, very mixed crowd of people. LOL… Yeah, the merchant standing there is very much like what you’ve said.

dej: You just might have. Did you get dressed up?

Ricardo November 12, 2008

Urban is that you in the silver furry outfit?

Urban Thought November 12, 2008

Ricardo: Hell no!!! LOL

Greg November 12, 2008

Urban Thought, I meant that this picture is a strong warning why it isn’t a good idea to show up at a party drunk because that person in the last picture just might end up being the last girl in the bar. You know, wake up in the morning to hear someone screaming, “Oh, God, no!” Only to realize it’s you screaming.

Urban Thought November 12, 2008

Greg: LOL… When you put it that way I should only hope that the person has a friend to save them from such an awry fate.

The Fitness Diva November 13, 2008

Halloween is the bomb. That’s the one night when all the freaks get to come out, and nobody even bats an eye!
love the skanky costumes…. they’re always the most fun! :)

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