The Newark Chronicles – Part 1: Finding Love in the Big City XX

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Finding Love In The Big City

Since lightning struck once, why not twice?

On a rare evening off, I decided to willingly cross state lines in search of food, music and fun.  Instead of trekking into Manhattan, I decided to give Newark’s nightlife a try.

Why is it so much easier to feel saucy when you know that there won’t be a soul around that you know and be able to report back to your specific community about how you have lost your mind?!  With this knowledge in my back pocket, I plucked out my red dress – you know that one dress Beyonce dedicated an R & B ode to, that dress that oozes sexy sophistication, sensuality with each rhythmic movement  of your hips and thighs – all chanting in cacophony Come hither if you dare muthafuckers!

Carmen Jones eat your heart out!

I was ready.

So for those of you that don’t know, dresses like these come complete with their own personalities.  They sort of invade your brain with a new agenda via your open sweaty pores.

Since it was that last hurrah of summer, it was only fair to give this hot number one more tour of duty before it was called home for the winter.

So there is some validity to this waving the red flag in front of a bull thing – why was I the red flag to all of the wonderfully nutty, crazy bull-like creatures (aka men) that I stood near?  All of a sudden everyone knew the lyrics to Stevie Wonder’s The Woman in Red and then decided to share it with me.

Umm, when did a NYC subway ride turn into American Idol?!

Men of all colors and clothing types belting out their best versions of the song – humming it under their breath as I walked by – one nut job made sure to sit right in front of me to make it known that he was singing it to me.  I almost lost my confidence – I was all ready to go back home to the safety and solitude of my closet – maybe pulling out something steel gray or chocolate brown – something a little less loud. .  .

I and the dress beat back my fears and pressed on toward the Newark train hoping that crossing water into suburbia would bring about a bit of decorum amongst its male inhabitants.  I have to say – it was better, the singing stopped, but the blatant looks still abound.  It got to the point where I wondered if there is a booger on my forehead because I’ve never gotten that much attention before. So much for being in-cog-negro.

So I returned back to the scene of my last blog where I met him, Mr. Fire himself.  Subconsciously I had hopes that I would see him again.  Over the couple weeks of talking to him, I found some of his quirks endearing, but strange at the same time.  So after we’d briefly come out of the fog of attraction, mystery man initially didn’t want to tell me what he did for a living. . .

“So I work for the city . . .” was how he described it.

Wait, this sounds familiar. I had a fucked up date like this before . . . hmm.

Before I had a chance to press him about it, two rather attractive women walked by us looking to interrupt out conversation yelling out, “So how’s it going Mr. FIREMAN?!”

Fireman, umm what?!

I wonder if my head sort of spun on its axis right at that moment.

Unlike most women, a man in uniform never appealed to me.  I never had those fantasies of a stripper in a Police/Fire/Army/Navy/Chicken suit coming to sweep me off my feet.  It just didn’t seem plausible for my world and my dreams of writing the Great American _________ (you can fill it with whatever literary genre pleases your spirit. . . well except Greeting cards, had to give that dream up when I discovered that that involved living in St. Louis – but I’ll save that story for another day).

A man in uniform meant danger.  All I could think of was whirling sirens, walls of fire and possibly beginning to care about someone that could die in the line of duty – DEFINITELY not my cup of tea.   Once I saw the two women hanging about, I was cool with walking off and getting back to work and allowing him to indulge his fantasies of double the pleasure, double the fun, but he grabbed me by my waist bringing me dangerously close to him letting the Doublemint twins know that he was busy – my mind was swooning.

So with that in my reverie, I decided to trek back and listen to the outdoor music concert as a civilian hoping that I would encounter him again.  So I did my requisite pleasantries with my boss and co-workers whom were working and disappeared into the crowd, posting myself up against a shady tree to listen to the jazz diva sing her heart out.

While walking around, I seemed to catch the eye of this nice – NICE Caramel Drop – he looked so sweet that it made my mouth water.  Mind u, I was there to enjoy myself with the hope of seeing Mr. Fire, so I tuned the thoughts of Caramel Drop out and kept my eyes on the crowd and my ears peeled to the wonderful singer onstage.

You know when you’re being watched, you can just feel the weight of the watcher’s eyes on you; examining every crevice of your skin – making you nervous, hoping that they don’t notice that stain on your shirt or the sweat pouring down your face, but feeling totally in control because their entire attention is on you.   After the song ended, he sauntered over with his best Newark pimp walk and started to chat me up.

Hmm, not bad – we’re the same height, but his eyes look sincere, so . . .

We chat it up a bit and then in my best pseudo-professional style, I give him my business card and tell him to give me a call when he had free time.  I smiled and I wandered off in glee, feeling that real adult swagger hoping that he’d call.

In this economy, a girl has a right to diversify her options, right?

With the next act set to go on, I decide to take a stroll towards the bar to refresh my drink and allow the dress to further influence my intentions – roll your hips just a little bit more, good!  Give these people a little bit of a show.

As I walked through the dance area, I was captured from behind by a large set of arms clasping my waist and covering my eyes at the same time.  For a moment, I’m alarmed, my New York instinct starts to kick in and I’m ready to stomp a muthafucka, but think twice because delivering a beat down would result in baring my breasts to the world (I said the dress was nuts, so you gotta weigh your options. . . ).  Though I’d only felt his arms around me once before, I recognized the sensation and leaned back into him and smiled knowing that there was safety in that hug.

I opened my eyes and didn’t let go.  Damn, is this what love at first sight feels like?

I noticed that he was standing with another person, whom he introduced as his brother and also noticed that he was a bit distracted.  Seeing him again made the memory of him come alive all over again, but it seemed that this time he wasn’t with me all the way.  His arms and intent were, but his attention was elsewhere.  So like any woman, I started to get a little agitated wondering if everything was cool and was I interrupting something.  He couldn’t answer me and his brother gave me the weird X-ray look, not the “let go of my man” look, more of the “Yo, we can both double team her, if you play your cards right” look.  Hmmm. . .

I asked him what he was doing afterwards, but he couldn’t give me a straight answer, which started to irritate me, and in response I got the ‘ol player line:

Girl, you know I’m a busy man, I got things to do

Oh Hell nah – fuck that.  The sparkle shut off like a power outage and I walked off and left him in his busy state.  Maybe I read ‘ol boy all wrong. Maybe he’s a player in disguise or am I just a romantic fool falling too soon?

We’ll see. . .

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meleah rebeccah October 7, 2008

“Umm, when did a NYC subway ride turn into American Idol?! ”


Going back to read the rest…

meleah rebeccah October 7, 2008

incognegro? I had to look that up. Ive never heard that before!

meleah rebeccah October 7, 2008

“You know when you’re being watched, you can just feel the weight of the watcher’s eyes on you; examining every crevice of your skin”


meleah rebeccah October 7, 2008

Okay…sorry I hijacked your comments section. This was such a fun /fantastic read!!

Lavenderbay October 7, 2008

Oh, so that’s a freakum dress!
As Meleah points out, you have a lot of good turns of phrase. I also like the honesty of your writing, it makes the story so vivid. Thanks for the read!

sdg1844 October 8, 2008

Oh boy! Love this one. All your posts are fab, but this one is even better. Incognegro is hilarious. I’ve heard it used to describe Wentworth Miller. LOL

rawdawg October 8, 2008

mr fire meets ms saucy – classic hot sauce

The Orange Phoenix October 8, 2008

Mmm Hot sauce!!

Meleah thank you for all the comments, ya’ll make me want to write more!

Stay tuned for the next one. . .

Urban Thought October 8, 2008

So write more. No one is stopping you. LOL

Natural October 10, 2008

hey orange phoenix. welcome to joisey honey chile.

In this economy, a girl has a right to diversify her options, right? uh amen, or heck twomen, sure why not.

you have some great outings. look forward to the next.

dej October 11, 2008

good post

meleah rebeccah October 17, 2008

I’ve been patient….but now, I need to harass you for a NEW post!

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