Wordless Wednesday: When The Mortgage Crisis Hits Home

By on October 1, 2008 @ 12:00 am

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meleah rebeccah October 1, 2008

so.sad. so.very.sad.

Rhonda October 1, 2008

How sad. I’m sure there are many more throughout the country, they’re just not being photographed. May he/she be blessed.

CatSynth October 1, 2008

Something to be said for being “mobile” and packing things into a few cases (or more than a few, perhaps).

Black on Campus October 1, 2008

Either that guy has just moved into a condo that looks an awful lot like a subway car, or he is packed for the longest vacation on record.

DNLee October 1, 2008

whoa. that’s something.

Tink *~*~* October 1, 2008

hey is that a NJ PATH train? It looks a little too roomy to be the NYC subway….

homesick, sometimes –
Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

TwoBarkingDogs October 1, 2008

That’s a great shot! Thanks for sharing.

Double the Wordlessness again this week:




Skee Stylus October 1, 2008

DAMN! He even got the straps wrapped around the pole. Please tell me he was on the A train headed to JFK…please.

Lavenderbay October 1, 2008

“Cozy bachelor, basement, close to Rockaways, reasonable.”

Did she snore? Or was it a he?

The Orange Phoenix October 1, 2008

Oh god – this looks sadder than it did in person. Need to add this one to the portfolio!

Rachael October 1, 2008

Wow. Amazing photo.

invisiblewoman October 1, 2008


rawdawgbuffalo October 2, 2008

I say Ignorance and freedom is incompatible let wall street take it on the chin I would have too, wouldn’t u?

Ricardo October 3, 2008

I don’t like seeing this at all. Brings back bad memories of what I went through. I hope they are OK. Were you on the Metro North? Looks like a Metro North train.

Grace October 8, 2008

Is this for real!?? That is really something. One photo that speaks a thousand words!

dej October 11, 2008


Carmi October 21, 2008

So poignant. Reminds me of the homeless folks who sleep in bus shelters in Toronto’s financial district. The jarring disparities in people’s lives are incredible: people in tailored suits making six- and seven-figure salaries practically trip over these poor souls as they make their way to their posh offices in the skyscrapers that shade the street. So much sadness…

DiscoStu November 12, 2008

I’m just glad mortgage rates are dropping here in Australia, after the constant rises under the previous conservative government, it’s nice to be paying a little less at last!

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