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By on September 21, 2008 @ 12:00 am

I wanted to write a post about reading.

Then, I thought about how many people actually don’t read.
So, I decided to write a post about how many people don’t read.

Then, I changed my mind again.

I figured, why write a post about how people don’t read when the one’s who really need to see it probably won’t.

I wondered to myself, how can people (adults especially) not like reading?

Reading is highly important.

Even blind people read.

Signs are everywhere along with so many underlying statements that are required to be read into.

I hear audio books are the way to go.

Now that I think of it, I recall the teachers in my public school used cassette tape versions of my favorite books in class from time to time.

I wondered if hearing words are as effective as seeing them before your very eyes.

Then, I remembered that when someone is telling me a story, I like to visualize the details in my head as I hear them.

Hmmm. I wonder if that’s how movies first came about.

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meleah rebeccah September 21, 2008

I *love* to read. I wish I had more time to indulge in that.

rawdawgbuffalo September 22, 2008

i read it all
wanna hide something from a nigger put it in a book

Urban Thought September 24, 2008

Intesting that you write this as I was reading Ms. Q’s blog the other day and came across this post. She stated that a home is not a home without books (or something like that).

I know plenty of people who don’t read. The most they may read is a magazine. But they don’t pick up books. You ask them the last time they read something in a book and they will ponder for some time and come up blank when they try to speak an answer.

Grace September 25, 2008

I always love to read and it’s a major turnoff for me if a person don’t read. Life is wasted without reading, I simply put it like that.

Ms. Q September 27, 2008

D-SM: well, I know you know I read since you read (and commented) on the post that UT linked to!

I’ve also heard that comment left by rawdawgbuffalo about hiding things. When it comes to books versus movies versus audio books – I’ve read that there are Multiple Intelligences:

which means we have preferences/strengths to how we learn.

I tend to be strong with verbal-linguistic so reading, words, language all appeal to me. Not that I’m great with memorizing.

I think reading is important but I’m a reader. I also think about how we’ve fought for books – books used to be very valuable and the printing press was a revolution.

Hicham September 30, 2008

Urban, I always wonder like you how people don’t read. It’s not merely about reading but mainly about processing what you’ve read!

Ricardo October 3, 2008

Dan-Sean Mankind I read you loud and clear. and I must confess that I must read more. I haven’t been doing it enough these days.

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