Wordless Wednesday: Motorcycle Baby

By on July 2, 2008 @ 12:00 am

Wordless Wednesday: Motorcycle Baby

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Raven July 2, 2008

Lovely photo. I love the expressions on their faces.

Gabriel July 2, 2008

He doesn’t look too convinced about riding that bike! :-)

Happy WW!

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maiylah July 2, 2008

wonderful “daily life” shot! :)

clarence July 2, 2008

Hey, that’s a very cute photo – the little one is gorgeous! Almost makes me want to have another baby… Thanks for dropping by my WW. :)

La Mama Naturale July 2, 2008

Awww.that’s such a cute pic. Happy WW!

Will July 2, 2008

Cute! But where are the helmets? 😉

Thanks for the visit and Happy WW!

Michelle Gartner July 2, 2008

hee hee- he’s a cutey. The best part is that he looks a little unsure of the situation- either that or he’s wondering why he don’t have any pants on…

smarmoofus July 2, 2008

Starting ‘im young. How cute. (It doesn’t look very urban there… quite rural, in fact.)

Happy WW! Thanks for your visit earlier.

Rizza July 2, 2008

I don’t think it’s safe for a little child to be riding a motorcycle… but nice shot though.

Happy WW!

June July 2, 2008

Very sweet composition…nicely done!

Katya July 2, 2008

Poor baby! Looks a little unsure, and baby NEEDS some protective clothing!!!! YIKES!!!!

Is he happy or scared? Great Photo.

Happy WW.

Allison July 2, 2008

Aw! Is he totally naked? That’s great! What a wonderful shot!

Happy WW :)

Lisa's Chaos July 2, 2008

How cute. :) My mom has a pic of me on my dad’s harley when I was under a year old, but I had on clothes. :) Hope that little one doesn’t get the man’s seat wet.

MarvalusOne July 2, 2008

Um, that baby don’t have on no bottoms! tee hee hee…

me & my puppies July 2, 2008

I don’t know who’s cuter.

Shelia July 2, 2008

What a beautiful photo, the guys look great. That’s a big baby! He’ll be able to ride that bike in a few years by himself.

Happy WW!

that kid doesn’t even have a diaper on! Talk about living on the edge!

Barbara Doduk July 2, 2008

Sweet picture.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

B @ The Love Blog

Danielle July 2, 2008

That’s a lovely photo. That little boy looks just like him.

Steffi July 2, 2008

Really nice photo. Baby looks a little scared though :)
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy WW!

Margerie July 2, 2008

Oh my….we are a little bit naked. Incredible photo- they must be moving, but are so solid.

Natural July 2, 2008

awwh he’s a cutie. i’m sure when he gets older, he will “love” seeing this picture on the web. lol

Yobachi July 2, 2008

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Raivyn July 2, 2008

Awww, that’s cute! Happy WW! :)

sHaE-sHaE July 2, 2008

Aww too cute. He’s got the jump on learning to be a rider. :-)

Lavenderbay July 2, 2008

Great photo! A lot going on in those two faces. My dad would smile like that over children and chipmunks and other innocent “itty-bits”, as he called them.

Michelle July 2, 2008

Such a sweet picture. Thanks for visiting my WW.

Villager July 2, 2008

Happy WW! That is a great photo, however, young ‘un seems to be a little worried (smile)…

I invite you and your blog readers to see a visual reminder of how far America has come in the past 389 years on my WW-post this week (smile)!

peace, Wayne

C.A. July 2, 2008

thanks for the visit. hope to see you again. tc

SjP July 2, 2008


Black on Campus July 2, 2008

I like the look of uncertainty on the toddler’s face.

Maisie July 2, 2008

Very interesting. Your photos aren’t the ordinary ones, but very unique.

Diana July 2, 2008

Great picture!! Happy WW!

Dzoi July 2, 2008

this is just adorable! thanks for sharing :)

nicole July 3, 2008

Awwww. that’s just way cool :D!

Chikai July 3, 2008

that’s a cute shot. hehe! 😉

Tink *~*~* July 3, 2008

How cute is that? 😀 They both need a helmet, though.

Tink *~*~*

Betty July 3, 2008

How cute. Thanks for visiting me today.

meleah rebeccah July 3, 2008

That look like fun, but I think someone needs a pair of pants!

zamejias July 3, 2008

Is he scared? Or cold? It’s a great photo. You captured the scene and the expressions well.

strawberrygurl July 4, 2008

the little boy seemed scared, don’t you think?

dan-sean mankind July 6, 2008

Gramps is like “I got this”… Baby is looking frightened as hell!

Ricardo July 8, 2008

I can see him riding a chopper someday.

I’ve got a motorcycle on my WW, too, except it’s being driven by a bear!

Cute picture!

vhiel July 10, 2008

indeed! indeed… what a cutie… happy wordless thursday.

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Do you remember the days??

I am also inviting you to join the contest “search for the cutie child” over at vhiel’s corner.

Thanks for visiting.

architect July 10, 2008

cute….visit mine…

The Orange Phoenix July 13, 2008

Why is that baby holding on for dear life?! Very cute.

Mike Belgrove September 17, 2008

Yeh that can’t be safe at all, lol

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