When Finding Yourself Goes Wrong – Part 1: Finding Love in the Big City XVII

By on June 27, 2008 @ 12:00 am

After a long hiatus for lady OP, as I am in the process of finding myself – you know the discovery of the reason why I’m here, whom I’m meant to influence and/or love and all of that heady psychobabble – I’m back and ready to rejoin the writing world with a doozy of a story.

I am now COMPLETELY convinced that I have a bull’s-eye painted on my forehead in invisible ink and all of the crazy, mentally unstable and/ or partially under-cover nutjobs that this great city holds are hell bent and determined to make me their queen. (Like that of a beehive where they fornicate the queen to death and then install a new one [alas the pleasures of sex haven’t crossed my path in a minute either. . .])

Okay, so in the search to “find myself”, I’ve been taking long walks in the attempts to clear my mind of all the garbage that seems to pile up living life, working and traveling via NYC Transit. I have taken in the surprisingly lovely sites of my neighborhood – the ones that I couldn’t see between the “psst babies”, drug dealers and screaming adolescents that spill out of every crevice post 3pm. Who knew that roses and azaleas, tree lined streets and quiet reside between all of that chaos?! I decided to take a long walk out of my neighborhood and venture out into the neighboring ones to see what secrets they hold. Concrete and more concrete later, I realize that I have walked a bit a-ways from home and since the quest for self-acceptance doesn’t account for silly things like carrying pocket change to get a juice or water, my silly ass has to keep walking until I reach civilization aka home.

You ever feel what thirst feels like when it is creeping up behind you – it’s a slow and cunning predator that continues to walk behind you ready to pounce. The worst thing about it is you can see him coming, but there is nothing you can really do about it, but close your eyes and take the beating. So I was thirsty as hell. I finally walked my way to a train stop and joyfully walked on to the platform with my mighty metrocard [Never leave home without it!] and waited on the platform for the next train to come. I figured since I was at the last stop of that particular train line, a train would be departing any minute . . . right? Uh – WRONG. I waited there about 5 minutes, still hopeful, until God spoke to me (no it was actually the voice from the speaker – told you I was thirsty J)

VOG speaker: (complete with necessary static): Ladies and gentlemen, the next “L” train will be leaving in 25 minutes.

25 MINUTES! Muthafucka, I’m thirsty, tired and I can’t even get a train?! Well damn. If you’ve never seen a large group of people collectively cuss at the air on mass that is truly a sight to behold. Men with children in tow, teens trying to reach the city for a little skateboard mischief and shopping fun, tired limbs from doing construction or rocking babies all of whom were looking down the dusty and rocky open air track for a miracle, collectively sighed “Muthafucker WHAT?!” To make sure that I didn’t get caught up in the sad resignation of fate, I took to walking again. So I must have walked at least a mile and a random guy on a bike pedaled up beside me and started talking to me. Uh-oh here we go – I don’t have time for this mess!

Man: Good afternoon miss, you mind if I walk along side of you?

He told me his name and slipped me his phone number when he shook my hand. Before I could gather up the spit to cuss him out,

Man: You look thirsty, here take this.

Why did he hand me a Pepsi?! Do you know what a Pepsi looks like to a thirsty woman? (mind you I don’t really drink soda) – it was like water in an oasis, so you KNOW he scored major brownie points.

Man: Look, I had to think of something to break the ice and stand out in the crowd, so I figured that you could use something to drink. I just bought it and I figured you could use a drink.

Yes, I continued talking to him. I figured, if this guy was creative enough to get my attention then he may actually be worth my time. He got off his bike and we started to walk. We chatted about spirituality, cable tv and other topic in between. So far, I couldn’t find anything wrong with him. . . Maybe this was actually my lucky day! We walked for another mile until we reached the next train line and at that point

Man: Look, I really think you are interesting woman, so what are you doing today?Me: Well not much after this walk.Man: I’m like to take you out – wanna go to the beach?

Me: Huh? You’re serious, really?

Man: Hey no time like the present. I can pick you up at your house after I finish running my errands and we can go?

Do I or don’t I. . .

The plot thickens, stay tuned. . .

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Sharon June 27, 2008

I think I need to move to NYC. Men giving thristy girls free soda and all.

I tried everything to get to get to self acceptance/loving myself. Walking, soaking in a tub for hours, crafting, laying in bed all day. Then, one day it just hit me. . .I love myself and forget what anybody else has to say or thinks.

rawdawgbuffalo June 27, 2008

now that is classic
Heady psychobable
have a great weekend

Danielle July 1, 2008

I wa shipped to your site by Marva @ The Marvalus View. Sounds nice to me. It’ll be interesting to see how things go. His approach was not bad and yes, he was creative. I like smart, creative guys.

Natural July 2, 2008

go on the date, but get there on your own. don’t have him pick you up on his bike and why in the heck don’t i have you on my blogroll? thought i did.

Lavenderbay July 2, 2008

Natural’s comment reminds me of a silly joke. Girl turns down a geeky guy’s pickup line by saying she’s on her menstrual cycle. Geeky guy says “That’s okay, I’ll follow you on my mo-ped.”

The Orange Phoenix July 13, 2008

Lavenderbay I like the moped line – i might have to use that. .

I usually like the geeks especially the sweet ones as it has been a while since a nice/sane on has crossed my path, but as you will see this one is a doozy.

Mmm – heady psychobabble – can I have fries with that 😉

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