Free Writing: I’m Perfect

By on June 20, 2008 @ 8:04 am

Consider this a jack theme from the one of my fellow bloggers Ms. Q over at QMusings. The following free write is loosely based on her “I’m Perfect” post.

Free Writing: I’m Perfect

Life is funny in the way that is has presented itself. I often wonder why events and happenings turn out they way that they do. All I can do is be me. Be the perfect me. See, I am perfect. I know most folk would sit back and say you’re arrogant. You are full of yourself. You’re not perfect. Nothing about you is perfect. However, I can look at them and tell them that they are perfect to. We all are. Indeed, my scope or perspective of perfect would take understanding. Allow me to explain… I am perfectly human.

People look at me and stare. They wonder why I’m the way that I am. Stubborn at times. I’m not willing to give in. I don’t give enough of me. Maybe, not often, I may give too much. But what others may see as selfish I can only consider to be self care. What most would consider to be arrogance I consider to be confidence.

From your perspective you’ll make it seem as if I’m everything I shouldn’t be. That I’m the worst happening since Bush won the first election. I’ll say this much: I’ve never invited you in. I’ve never once put out my hand for you to feel that I’m a handful. You’ve said this to me and I can only say back… You’re welcome to leave at any time.

Often people call me difficult and I have to admit it can come off that way. But the difficulty is you not understanding the word ‘no.’ Is it beyond your comprehension that I would repeatedly tell you no? Stop being so difficult they say. I respond with a “Stop asking me and you will not find difficulty within the matter.”

We are all free to be who we are and know what we want. We are allowed to be perfectly human in our imperfect ways.

Everything isn’t for everybody. But I’m for the ones that love me.

NOTE: I couldn’t help but put spacing in. I haven’t gone back and edited. However, I did take my time a little bit. Oh well if I didn’t fit into what free writing is about. I’m perfect in that way.

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meleah rebeccah June 20, 2008

Hmm….so if I stop trying to be Perfect and just accept who and how I am….I might be a whole lot happier.

MarvalusOne June 20, 2008

I think I may have cried when I read this…so true and right on time with what I’m going through…

rawdawgbuffalo June 20, 2008

strange cant see u as being mule like

Ms. Q June 21, 2008

I’m so flattered and you ARE perfect! It’s also great how love generates more love and connecting. I am thinking of how your words have spoken to MarvalusOne.

I notice that as I have come to accept myself, I AM a whole lot happer as Meleah thought she might become. I have another post in mind (I usually have more ideas than time).

Thanks for another great free write. I do enjoy your writing and your photos. You have an eye and an ear for beauty.

Sandier Pastures June 21, 2008

So perfectly written. As human beings we can only be so much other people expect of us.

Lavenderbay June 22, 2008

A good write, and I think you’re on the right track. If you need an example of what happens when people (like my caveable co-worker) can’t say “no”, don’t miss my June 21 post. :)

Dan-Sean Mankind June 23, 2008

Bro, I totally get what you’re conveying here. In my eyes, you are perfect; the way God intended you to be in his eyes. The flaws we may or may not have, make us who we are; different from others who are also perfect. Great post!!!

Urban Thought June 23, 2008

Meleah: I think you got it. However, I’m not saying be stagnant. With growth comes change. With change you can take anything to the next level. :-)

MarvalusOne: I thought about you as well when this was written. But I wasn’t sure how comfortable you would be with me linking to your post from your other site. Glad you felt something from the post.

rawdawgbuffalo: Not sure what you mean by mule like. I will ponder on your comment.

Ms. Q: Acceptance is something I think we should consider more often than not. We would be a whole lot better as people in society if we did that within ourselves as well as with others. Thank you for the compliments. Your encouragement over the year(s) have helped me a great deal.

Sandier Pastures:
And if only we would live for ourselves more rather than being swayed by the opinions of others.

Thank you. I’ll be sure to check it out.

DSM: I cannot argue with you. LOL… And thank you. You are, indeed, great.

dan-sean mankind June 23, 2008

I think he was trying to call my brother an asshole… I will ponder on it with you…

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