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People often say good men are hard to find
And though that may be true
I know my mom found a great one
The day that she met you
You had your rough edges
And you were humble enough
To let God iron them out
Instead of acting all tough
You were patient and kind
Thoughtful yet aggressive
Nothing like my dad
For he was too possessive
I don’t do this enough
So I’m saluting you father
For stepping up to the plate
When my biological didn’t bother
You accepted my mother’s children
As your very own
And helped nurture us
Although some of us were already grown
Just like a Jansport
You always had our back
Even the times we rebelled
And got off track
You showed me how to be a man
And swallow my pride
To always express myself
Regardless to how I felt inside
I salute you Pop
For your love is royal
And after ten plus years
You still remain loyal
Who can ask for more
Than the blessing you’ve been
Not only are u my father
You are a great friend

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Lavenderbay June 16, 2008

That’s lovely (can I use “lovely” for a guy’s poem? ) . I hope you give him a copy.

rawdawgbuffalo June 16, 2008

great tribute to a father (i hope includes me) thanks for the FD wishes

Dan-Sean Mankind June 18, 2008

I appreciate the feedback on the FD tribute to my pops. Thanks for taking the time out to read it.

Eb the Celeb June 24, 2008


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