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By on June 3, 2008 @ 11:05 am

Life had been heavy lately. I haven’t blogged much but I’m doing well for myself. Thank you Meleah for reaching out and thinking of me. I’m fine. Just busy.

I’ve been working more hours lately. Getting out of work after the sun goes down has been more routine than foreign.

Just the last Thursday I left work at 11:30. It was warm in the city so I decided to walk the streets of NY and enjoy the surroundings. The city has been bustling since the warm weather hit a few weeks ago.

As I’m making my way up Broadway I ran into one of my co-workers. She was headed to the movies. I’m sure you all know what she was going to check out. The one and only chick flick: Sex and the City. She was planning on going alone but had asked me if I wanted to tag along. I thought to myself why not as we hadn’t hung in a long time and it would be interesting to see the crowd of folk willing to attend a midnight screening.

Walking up to the theater the crowd reminded me of a night at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. People dressed up and decked out in what would be clothing for the club or your local lounge. Only they will find themselves sitting in a dark room without cosmos to sip on.

After getting past the ticket taker and finding a comfortable spot to sit I went on the concessions line. Fellas, if you ever wanted to meet a new lady for the summer you should make your way to the nearest theater playing Sex and the City. You can’t go wrong. Plenty of women in all shapes, sizes, colors, and tax brackets to chose from.

Not too many people resembled my complexion in the theater. So I thought this would be a quiet night at the movies (or so I thought). As soon as the previews started cheering ensued. It’s only the credits and already these people were exciting.

Finally, the voice of Carrie Bradshaw is overheard. A lot of side conversations were going on. None of these folks were of my persuasion, if you know what I mean. At a particular point the racket became overwhelming. One core group was acting out and it wasn’t the type of group most would suspect.

One of the only other black woman (other than my friend) in the audience stood up and told the group to ‘shut up’. That was the end of that.

What caught me was the fact that its usually the reverse. I guess it takes this type of film to reverse the stereotype that has been bestowed on black people and them talking in the movies.

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MarvalusOne June 3, 2008

Remember how Black women were when “Waiting to Exhale” came out? I’m guessing “Sex in the City” is much the same way, only on a more intense scale…I remember a roup of me and my friends got all dolled up and went and saw WTE and had dinner afterward to discuss…it was fabulous!

Skee Stylus June 3, 2008

All that is well and good UT but what did you think about the movie! lol.

Sue June 3, 2008

That would have been worth the ticket price to see that!

meleah rebeccah June 4, 2008

Glad you are BACK, and OKAY. I was wondering where you went!

I saw to see sex & the city and I was amazed at how dressed up everyone was too. I went in sweat pants and never felt so self conscious in my life!

Eb June 4, 2008

yeah I wasnt really seeing all the hype… I finally went to go see it last night just to see what all the hype was about because I hate to feel like I am missing something and I really could have waited to see it on dvd.

Urban Thought June 5, 2008

MarvalousOne: When you put it into perspective like that I cannot help but agree with you. I love seeing a woman dressed up so it wasn’t a bad experience at all.

Skee Stylus:
I was entertained. I was happy to see SJP at her worst. I think that is the most acting she has done in some time. And the most emotion she has shown in her entire time of playing CB.

Sue: Tell me about it. The moment was priceless.

Glad to be back. And thank you again for the inquiry.

I saw a special they had on it. You know they couldn’t help but to talk about fashion. They had a warehouse full of clothes for the four woman alone.

Eb: I feel you.

The Fitness Diva June 9, 2008

What’s funnier is that they actually shut up when the sister told them to. WW these days tend to have some sass of their own, so that must’ve been one of the tamer groups of WW there at that particular event. I know WW that would have jumped up and wagged their finger back at her and told HER to shut up, and then the neck rolling, grandstanding and hands on hips from both parties would have commenced! lol

Still haven’t seen SATC, and yes, I am a big fan. I was living in a building that didn’t allow cable when the series was out, so I would rent the DVD’s from Blockbuster season by season. So, I’ve pretty much seen them all, in sequence! I am trying hard to not listen to anyone who has seen it already….I don’t want to know what happens in the end til I see it with my own two eyes!

You were definitely the rooster in the hen house that day, Urban!

Lavenderbay June 11, 2008

Sounds like you were more entertained by the audience than the movie that night.
Never seen SATC on TV, not interested in the movie; they’re not my persuasion, either (high heels? long hair? long fingernails?) . I am, however, reading blogfriend Alyson (Laugh in the Sun) ‘s book, Chooks in the City, about raising chickens in the Canberra suburbs. More my style. :)

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