My Life

By on May 18, 2008 @ 2:00 am

My eyes are open
But I’m so blind
I think I know it all
With my closed mind
My pain is pleasure
My joy is pain
No psychotherapist
Can render me sane
Problem after problem
With no resolution
Will surely have me
In somebody’s institution
I need an escape
From my own self
For this state of depression
Has affected my health
I won’t take meds
Not because of my pride
But because I am sure
They will lead to suicide
I’m praying for the strength
To perseveere through it all
I’m already at the bottom
And ready to stand tall
Finally I realize
At the end of the day
It is me and only me
Standing in my own way
Every second of the battle
Is extremely hard
But I gotta B.I.G
Believe in God

Dan-Sean Mankind © 2008 Urban Observation All Rights Reserved.

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Sue May 18, 2008

*props you up* Don’t forget you have people to lift you up and carry you when you cannot walk on your own! :-)

meleah rebeccah May 19, 2008


blackoncampus May 21, 2008

This is a very power poem. It is a powerful tribute to faith — in yourself, in God, and in the possibility of change.

Ms. Q May 21, 2008

Powerful. Faith and love. You are deserving of love, you are worthy. You are so right in that we stand in our own way – this is resistance…allow the love (God, high power, Spirit) in and it will carry you and lift you up.

Natural May 28, 2008

great poem!

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