Free Writing: One

By on May 16, 2008 @ 12:00 am

Jill Scott said one is the magic number. I happen to agree with her. There is a lot of power in one. It takes one voice to be heard. One action to be made. One moment to be had. One element to be felt. One dream to may you think. Through these ones we can make life long change. After all it takes only one thought from one man/woman to take action to set off a revolution. It took one apple to change the way we think about gravity. That one trip to the moon to realize anything is possible. One man to dream of a world of true equality. One woman to refuse to sit at the back of the bus. One man to go against the grain and say the world isn’t flat. Through one action we can make a world of difference. It is within the power of one that we can become a nation of many. Catch the math as we take one person and another one person and we can create something… Something turned into an individual birthed to make a difference. One is truly magically delicious . But it doesn’t always feel or appear magical. One can be rooted in tragedy. It took one hurricane to change many lives. It took the act or should I say lack of action by one individual that made the devastation worse. It can take that one true love to make you appreciate love. It can also take that one person to break your heart. That one person to ruin your entire thought of what love is all about. It took that one penny to keep you from buying that gallon of milk. It takes that one paycheck from keeping you from being homeless. One meal to keep you from going hungry. It took the one gallon short on the road from you reaching your destination. Through the power of one can many calamities, tragedies, and events occur. One shot can change your outlook on life. One drink can make the difference between you making it home or you finding yourself wrapped around a pole. One wrong step, jump, hop, skip or jump can lead to a nasty fall. Through one wrong or right decision can we make a better world, or not. One dump of stock can land you in jail. One wallet pulled out the pocket can leave you laying dead in the street. One dollar short can keep your short of making bail. Through one thought process can we see change occur. Through the power of one can life be bolder, faster, and extraordinary- one billion that is. We walk around as individuals, as one person amongst many. Someone also said there can only one. One race? One nation? One groove? Through the thought of one we should come together to have a voice that can be heard as far as the one eye can see. Sometimes its that one person that can pull you back and tell you that isn’t the best move. That one person who touched you to make you feel much better than one day before. Isn’t it great to be the one to make a thing go right? Isn’t it great for one person to make it out of sight? It takes one person to get the party started. Thank you mister DJ. One person with one mind. Yet I’m among many people. One is the magic number.

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Sharon May 16, 2008

I never really thought about that. How one person can affect your life in such a dramatic way. But, I have had many one persons affect my life.
I amazes me how one person can shape your view of yourself and the world.
Thankfully, I am the one who can control my destiny.

meleah rebeccah May 16, 2008

One woman to refuse to sit at the back of the bus.


So true. Powerfully inspiring post!

Thank you!!

dejanae411 May 16, 2008

great post man
too often folk forget how much power is really inherent in one action

Tink *~*~* May 16, 2008

When I think of One as a number, I cannot help but hear a song in my head – “one is the loneliest number…” There, I’ve gone and revealed my approximate age, darnit! Thanks for stopping by my place this past week. I love getting comments, even if I just get One.

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Lavenderbay May 16, 2008

I liked the allusion to Rosa Parks, too. It just jumps right out of the piece.

dan-sean mankind May 17, 2008

WOW! This was a very deep read. Alot of thought from one mind made this one powerful source. Thanks for sharing this!

Natural May 22, 2008

Agreed. I like this post a lot. Never thought of it this way. 1 today seems so lonely, but it is powerful.

Urban Thought May 22, 2008

Sharon: Your take on destiny is so true. I didn’t bother to mention one as in yourself because it was so obvious to know that you are in control (to an extent).

Meleah: Thank you… A revolution occurred from one not so simple act of defiance.

Dejanae411: Forget they will but remembrance will come as some point. Thank you.

Tink: LOL… How can we really be lonely when there are so many of us out there feeling the same way? No doubt on the visit. It was great discovering your blog.

Lavenderbay: If I spark one thought, one site, one chill then I think my point was made.

DSM: Thx for the kind words. I glad you liked it.

Natural: The power in one is a strong one. I’m appreciative of you commenting and stopping through.

Ms. Q August 23, 2008

Dang – this was a “Free Writing”?? Powerful!! I’m glad that OP linked to it! I totally missed this one (no pun). This is a great piece of writing!!

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