Free Writing: Change

By on May 9, 2008 @ 3:01 pm

Subject: Change
Time: 10 minutes

Change is overwhelming me at this juncture in time. I don’t know where to turn don’t know where to go don’t know the beginning from the end. But I do know right from wrong. But I’m not sure if the right choice is ahead of me or even in the near future. I know that change is occurring and I need to make decisions to guide change for the better. For the better of me I need change to occur. This is my life right now. This is what I’m dealing with. This is what is going on with me. If only I had a crystal ball that would tell me my future. Tell me that I am supposed to be a writer. Tell me that I’m supposed to be photographer. Tell me that I’m supposed to work in customer service. Through education I will change my level of intelligence. I will find my way through change. You see the change that is occurring in my life in abundance has a lot to do with work. Not just one job but three jobs. Yes, dude over here named Urban Thought has three jobs. I’m a product of my mothers making. She had three jobs. I have three jobs. I can handle this but the change that is about to occur, I don’t know. I’m unsure. I’m unclear. Stay focused they say as a change is going to come. It is going to occur and I want to be in control of it. But I also think about the change that is going on with my so-called friends. You see my friendship with my boi has changed over six dollars and me telling the truth. Believe that. My friendship costs me six dollars and the truth. Go figure. That is a a change I can deal with tough. Because at the end of the day I am still the person I’ve always been. Strong, Confident, Willing and able to make all things possible. Change is occurring and I’m going to be apart of it. I cannot fear change. I will not allow change to destroy me. I once met a woman who was screaming change to spare, change to spend. Actually, I didn’t meet her but I was aware of her presence in the world. She was homeless and she was begging for change. And I can only imagine the pennies in my pocket changing her life. That chump change that is in your pocket can change someone’s life. Go figure how little bits of change that you give to someone can make a big change in someone else life. Imagine how we are all connected by change. Imagine the thought of us being without change. How stagnant our lives would be. What we can take from this is CHANGE is great. Change is consistent. Change is constant Change is the only thing that you can count on to always be there for you. Change is reliable. I just think we need to learn to appreciate and accept change. It is those who have problem with change that don’t make it too far. Learn to adapt and be one with change and you too can control change. You can change for the better. Tell me you understand. Cause at this point I’m able and willing to accept change. I am willing and able to conquer change. Life is changing around me and I will make it change for the better. For the better of me will come with change. For the better of the world change will come. For the better of the nation we need change. Shout out to Obama. He’s got that change thing down to a science.

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Ms. Q May 9, 2008

You wrote this very free and your thoughts came out almost like poetry. And I didn’t mean that to rhyme but it came out that way.

I’m learning to be much better with change – there is no evolution without change.

Lavenderbay May 11, 2008

You forgot to mention, change is exhausting! Keep up the good work.

Urban Thought May 13, 2008

Ms. Q: Thank you. Me being hard on myself wasn’t proud of it at all. I haven’t looked back at it since I wrote it. However, seeing the good in all things: I’m happy I did it. I’m trying to stay consistent with what I said I would do.

Lavenderbay: You’re right. I don’t know how I overlooked that. Considering I’m going through so much of it at this point. Thx for the compliment.

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