Free Writing: Truth

By on May 2, 2008 @ 10:42 am

Subject: Hate
Time: 10 minutes

They say the truth shall set you free. Some people say that you cannot handle the truth. I for one am all about the truth. Well, not quite. I actually appreciate the truth. I’ll tell you the truth if you ask me. I’ll give it to you straight, no chaser. Most people cannot tell the truth if their life depended on it. Not because they don’t understand what the truth is. But more so, they cannot handle the truth itself because it will either put them in a bad spot or make them look like a bad person. Or perhaps the truth that they fear is what will keep them from growing as a person. This is where the truth shall set you free. It will allow you to let go of the burden that has been weighing down on you for so long. it will free your mind of the worry that has been causing grey to show in you hair. That which has caused those extra lines in your forehead or around your eyes. We run from the truth because the truth can reveal so much about us that we have no intention of showing other folk. That we try to hide from the light of day because we find comfort in that truth as long as its the truth we are only aware of. Am I making any sense here at all? Please tell me if you understand. I work in a corporate environment where lying is expected. Where we tell people half truths, but not the whole truth. Where most of us are aware of the truth yet some of us find it easier to tell a lie. I never liked corporate environments. But I’m here. Last night I received a phone call about one of my favorite people telling the truth about our lazy manager. She was confronted with the truth and looked like a dear caught in headlights because she couldn’t understand why someone would call her out on the truth. The truth that she is lazy. Not fit for the job. A truth that she herself is aware of yet probably is too much of a punk to admit to. But when the truth is forced down your throat you can do but so much. Perhaps swallow it whole and cry about it. Or embrace it and own it. Live it and learn it. And be free of all that worry that you’ve carried around. Because once you let the truth set you free you can accomplish so much. The truth hurts. I think it only hurts when you allow it to. I told my friend the truth about himself the other day. I haven’t spoken to him since. I told him that he causes problems for himself. I told the truth. I probably lost a friend over the truth but what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t tell my friend the truth? What kind of person would that make me? I think I’m reaching at this point but I have three minutes left. OK… So here we have the truth commercials and I watch them and find them funny. I watch them with smokers who laugh at them and think Oh my… Is it really that bad as they continue to puff away? And then I see the lady with no fingers and her truth that she can no longer change a light bulb. She was aware about the truth of cigs but she decided to smoke anyway. She not only was aware of the truth but she chose to ignore it. It cost her her the fingers. The finders she took for granted. Funny how that work outs? The truth is on the side of a pack of cigarettes and we still don’t take heed to it. Like those times when someone tells you that they are a bad person and you don’t believe them. I warned you… I’m a snack. But now I bit you and you act like I’m wrong. Snakes bit. That is the truth. You chose to ignore it and now you’re sunk. The truth that they are a snake has set you free to understand that you are bit. Times UP. Can you handle the truth?

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meleah rebeccah May 2, 2008

“Most people cannot tell the truth if their life depended on it”

I have a girlfriend like that…she is almost pathological when it comes to lying. She is incapable of telling or accepting the truth.

Me? I love handing it out. I have a hard time always accepting it.

MarvalusOne May 2, 2008

My very best friend is the truth queen…and that is why she is my best friend. It hurts sometimes, but it is your reaction and processing that makes you or breaks you…

Lavenderbay May 3, 2008

And didja ever notice in the Bible, that the words “Don’t be afraid” come right before you’re asked to do something stupendously difficult and frightening?
And somewhere else in the Good Book, it mentions “speaking the truth in love”, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. While I wholeheartedly agree that corporate corruption is really depressing, I wonder if a lot of people curb their tongues because they’d rather not get their own back? We’ve all got something to be ashamed of.
You’ve got a lot of food for thought here.

Lena May 3, 2008

Everything you wrote about makes sense to me. I personally want the truth no matter, but sometimes it is hard to accept or face it. As for me speaking the truth, I am guilty of not doing that because I know not everyone can handle it. I’ve learned that through my own experiences at a young age.

Urban Thought May 5, 2008

Meleah: She sounds like she has a lot of drama in her life. Just setting herself up for things to pop off. Yeah, the truth is a hard pill to swallow.

MarvalusOne: If she is your best friend then what ever she is telling she isn’t saying out of wanting to hurt you. I think getting the truth from folks we love is easier than from those who we cannot stand. Friends like that you keep close.

Lavenderbay: I tried reading the Bible. It didn’t take. I only got past the first 20 pages and then my head started to spin. However, I do hear a lot about it from folk. Glad I was able to provide some food for thought. Grab a plate and dine with us won’t you?

Lena: Always best to learn it young. That is for sure. In time, I’m sure we’ll grow to understand how to dish it out to other folk.

Lavenderbay May 5, 2008

All right! I’ll bring a six-pack of Ontario’s best!

As far as I’m concerned, if the Bible made your head spin, you read it right. Just about any “proof text” can be negated by one that sez the opposite. Try reading Proverbs, for example! My Hebrew Bible (= Old Testament) prof was very careful to point this out, with the theological conclusion that God refuses to fit into anyone’s box. But one can also look at bits of it with a literary or philosophical, rather than a religious, eye.

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