Misadventures while Christmas Shopping

By on December 24, 2007 @ 7:38 pm

I am constantly amazed how much truth is more interesting and bizarre than fiction.

So I happen to be Christmas shopping yesterday and I stopped at Penn Station (34th Street) at approximately 5pm to grab a bite to eat. Now, like any other major transportation hub, this one was alive and crammed with people itching to get home. It was reminiscent of what I envision the running of the bulls would be like Рthe tired, cranky and tipsy all jockeying for a position in front of the departure screen, with covert glasses of beer, wine or the favorite Jack Daniels in a seemingly normal take-out cup.

So I did my best to dodge this onslaught of manic Friday and ducked into this random salad bar. Between all of the glitzy lights and counters of the Taco Bell’s and¬†T.G.I. Friday’s, all anchored by Martha Stewart’s own K-Mart there actually was a bastion of health food! I got my salad and went to the back of the joint to eat. The only folks back there were a group of Mexican workers, a random working Joe, me and this huge-ass LCD screen. There is nothing more equalizing than the TV. No matter what walk of life you come from, we are all captivated by the same flashing images on the screens. Anyway, in between bites, I listen to this news story about the former Mayor of Newark, Sharpe James.

Apparently Sharpe (which is probably the wrong name for him right now – maybe he should be called Silly or Sorry) had allegations of purchasing sex toys and body oils on the city’s dime. I mean COME ON! We are all adults here – we all dabble a little in the slick stuff (a little Eros can go a loooong way), but to have the city of Newark pay for it?! Well damn. Don’t you think Newark has enough problems controlling their crime and balancing their budget without having to make sure that they haven’t gone over the sex toy budget?

Ah thank goodness for the holiday. . .

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Ms. Q December 26, 2007

That is whacky! Post-it Notes are one thing, but expensing sex toys?

The Orange Phoenix December 30, 2007

That Sharpe James was definately a winner. . .

Merry Christmas Ms. Q

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