A Man…

By on November 3, 2007 @ 10:00 am

Should accept responsibility for his actions-Should set the example for those around him being a positive influence-Should never raise his hands to hurt a woman-Should cry when he feels the need to and know that crying doesn’t make you weak-Should do whatever he can to provide for himself and his family-Should never allow ego to overshadow another person’s feelings-Should be stern as well as sensitive-Should consider the next man or woman as his equal-Should know his limits-Should try his best to channel his anger-Should apologize when he has clearly done someone wrong-Should know that no matter how much suffering we have endured as a people, we can keep moving and become a success-Should always know his worth even when others are trying to put him down-Should know that God loves you even when you don’t love yourself-Should know that learning takes place everyday so never be afraid to ask questions to things you don’t know-Should not limit himself to just sports, bragging, giving orders and scratching his balls all the time-Should be the epitome of integrity, honesty and respect-Should accept and embrace change in his life-Should practice what he preaches-Should raise his children to be respectful-Should learn to laugh, live and love a little more each day that he’s blessed to have life on this earth.

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Urban Thought November 16, 2007

You hit the nail on the head with this one. For some it may hurt but for others they already live this way.

Learning how to be a man isn’t just about how you treat a woman. It isn’t about just keeping a job. It is about respect. Having respect for those around you and especially having respect for self.

Now if we can all get past that then we can go forth and learn to be GENTLEMEN. Now that would be something.

But one step at a time.

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