Love: Is It Hard To Come By?

By on August 6, 2007 @ 1:30 pm

I believe that love is instilled within our hearts from the second we are conceived into our mother’s womb. Depending on how well our mother’s take care of themselves during the pregnancy will reflect on how we come out into the world.

Naturally, as a baby we will be showered with love from family members as well as friends of the family but we’re not aware of what love really is. We just know the feeling that comes with being loved.

As we grow older, depending on the experiences we had growing up, we tend to seek love in people and often times we don’t realize that love comes from within. That same love that was instilled in us from the second we were conceived.

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Gregg Hawkins August 7, 2007

Love..oh man.. ha. It complicates thing, but I do love, love. It’s great 😀 I’ve only been in love once though!

Ricardo August 11, 2007

Very true and insightful. Love is a very fickle thing.

Ms. Q August 12, 2007

I believe that we all desire love and we do think it should be easy. Love is really a “4-letter word!”


I’m still trying to figure it out but I agree with you – that love is in our hearts at the moment of conception. From conception comes SOUL and SOUL = LOVE.

It’s just that we are human and that makes this complicated!

John Bradshaw wrote many books on relationships and family – I just checked out one I haven’t read yet, “Creating Love: The Next Great Stage of Growth”

I just opened the book jacket an in the front there’s 2 quotes from him:

“I was brought up to believe that love is easy. That anyone related by blood naturally loved other family members, and that when the time was right, I would fall in love and naturally know what to do to develop that love.”

“I now know that love is very difficult. Creating love requires a decision on my part…..Above all, it requires rigorous honesty, the courage to let another see me as I really am…”

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