2012 Olympics – HIP HOP Does It Again

By on June 11, 2007 @ 2:00 pm

With Hip Hop under attack for misogynistic lyrics and content, artists that seem to be “faking the funk” and a seemly lost generation of kids whose apathy only matches the amount of platinum teeth they have in their grillz or their success equaling how many BM’s or BD’s (Baby’s Mommas/Daddies) you got, the one thing no one can refuse is Hip Hop’s worldwide takeover.

Takeover?! – Yeah a takeover and the Olympic logo is a prime example. So I love the Olympics – the drama, the excitement, the country pride – one of the few times I’m proud to be an American and was proud to be Belizean (go Marian Jones!!!). The Olympics so steeped in history seems to have gotten the wake-up call that it needed. I give mad props to London for being bold and going for the graffiti look. I mean think about it, most of the competitors are of the Hip Hop generation (1975-1990), and Hip Hop is one of the few music genres that spans a cultural experience – art, music, clothes, attitude, politics etc. London is an old city make different by the black, brown and tan that now reside there and I think it’s time that we had a voice.

Okay, I will say that I find it a problem that it cost $800,000 to do a tag when your local graffiti artist coulda hooked that up for half or three-quarters of the price, and the fact that the commercial has caused people to have Epileptic seizures is definitely a problem, but let’s think about it – the logo got our attention, it put the new generation to the forefront. Whether you like it or not, evolution is eternal, and the Games needed a overhaul anyway, so why not.

Yo, what if Slick Rick did the lighting of the torch? or if they had break dancers doing their thang in Olympic Village. I mean they had Muhammad Ali light the torch and he is the ORIGINAL GODFATHER of Hip Hop! Wait – they could have ‘ol skool velour Adidas tracksuits, Kangol hats and big dookey chains as the required gear! The possibilities are endless.

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