R. Kelly still far from Flirting with Justice?

By on May 9, 2007 @ 9:00 am

I’m so conflicted right now. As one of my peeps has forwarded an article to me to comment on I realize, I have mixed feelings about the situation. If you haven’t hit the CNN page today then click here.

R. Kelly has been making hits since the 90’s. I’ll admit that I enjoy the music (I’ve even gone as far as purchasing an album). What he has done for R&B is unquestionable (what he actually has done is something to be talked about, but I won’t have that conversation right now). From the baby making music sex-filled singles (Bump and Grind, Twelve Play) to the most uplifting of songs (I Believe I Can Fly, World’s Greatest) we can’t help ourselves but to take notice and listen.

Putting the music aside we have to remember that this is the same dude that has been charged with child pornography and having sex with a minor. And, if you don’t remember his marriage to the late, Aaliyah then you’ve been living under a rock, (she was underage at the time of their marriage (I believe 15 years old to be exact).

As a music consumer, I may be to blame for the dude’s success. Should I not support his musical efforts until his legal issues have been resolved? Are we, as a society, liable for what seems to be one of the longest pending cases in hip-hop history (one not associated with a murder)? Is this a sign of a fault in the legal system or a testament to what truly matters within Hip-Hop? –When an underage female gets pissed on by an older man on tape and no one thinks to stop supporting the accused.

The Pied Piper hasn’t stopped making a hit yet. With six albums under his belt since the charges, making his way in and out of the closet, and now flirting with your girlfriend while you’re not looking. When will his time come to flirt with justice?

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