It Was All Your Fault

By on April 19, 2007 @ 9:25 pm

“You decided to spill my blood” are the words that echo in my head. Since when is it my fault that you want to shoot me dead? At what point is it my fault that you are so hurt inside of your heart and head that you have to kill other people? Sure, people didn’t take to you as a human being. So what? You complain about how these rich kids don’t understand the meaning of pain. So you are the one to decide their fate? You take it upon yourself to help them understand that life can be much worse for them? When 32 people woke up to go about their daily lives at Va. Tech it wasn’t to get shot. It was to get an education, to teach, to take their lives to the next level. And, now one man has taken that away from them. Because of his own insecurities and lack of social skills, he has turned to the way of the gun. How unfortunate for the folks that have lost their lives.

As I watch the news and see the interviews of the wounded, I only wonder who is truly at fault. Yes, we blame the shooter. He is his own man. But we should also blame the system. The system that let this dude fall through the cracks, as his hatred for life escalated to what is now being called one of the most horrific events of our time. This individual had a history of insane thoughts and acts. Sure people noticed but did anyone do anything to stem the situation? Looking at the situation now, everyone can point at the faults. The State of Virginia is to blame. The lousy gun laws they have helped this man act out his tirade of revenge. What is in the state’s future now? Gun law reform. What is in the future for the 33 dead? Nothing. Their lives are gone. But, we have other people to worry about. The faculty, students and parents of Va. Tech. Life goes on. I’m sure what I’m saying makes no sense to some because my thoughts are all over the place. But, I’ll say this much and then I’m done. I’m sure you all will think twice about that kid that sits in the corner and says nothing. The dude that goes under the radar. And, don’t forget about the dude you call crazy all the time but think nothing of it. That same creep that followed you home and you called the cops on him a few times. Not really thinking twice about it. These are psycho’s in the making.

One of the victims that survived is now forgiving the dude that wounded him. Telling the reporter, “if I could have saved him before this had occurred I would have reached out.” Too little, too late. But, not for the others. This isn’t the last time an incident like this will happen. Has anyone noticed the trend of murders caused by students? These children getting guns and taking the lives of people they once walked with on a regular basis? America should be worried. Our education system should be in question. How treatment of each other should be in question. The way we move about our lives should be in question. And, for those questions, we must find answers and fast.

 Cho Seung Hui went to a school that most people aren’t able to attend. I think he would have valued his situation if he was aware that other people in the United States aren’t so lucky. I think I’d go as far as saying that he should have taken his ass back to where his parents are from and then tell me which country he would prefer. We all have options. The choice he made wasn’t the best of them. Open your eyes people. The world is hurting.

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