Nappy Heads Strike Back

By on April 18, 2007 @ 11:06 am

Nappy Heads Strike Back

So what can I say about Don Imus that hasn’t already been said. . . I’m glad he’s fired? – nah not really, I’m not for taking food from out somebody’s mouth. It’s about time. . . well, probably. I realize the one thing we haven’t said to Don Imus is . . . Thank you – yes I said it – Thank you Imus.

I’m a nappy head, been that way for 8 yrs now. I’m also a fan of Hip Hop, I’ve listen to it, breathe it, taught the truth of it in the public school system and also been horrified and constantly insulted by it. I was born in Hip Hop’s crib (da Boogie Down) and all of my elementary, middle school and High School memories have a Hip Hop/R&B soundtrack, so it may sound strange that I thank Imus for his hateful contribution.

Before you label me traitor or take away my Black card, I say this because Imus has been able to do something that no one else could do: Bring the Black Community together. There is nothing like tragedy or the sense of being under attack to unite a people – I mean look at 9/11 – I never felt so American and had such sadness and clinging faith in my country until that happened. Out of Imus’ hate, he brought about the inevitable confrontation between the Motown generation and the Hip Hop generation. We are now forced to talk to each other, argue, get angry and hopefully find some understanding in why Hip Hop is our mouthpiece.

The Hip Hop generation has grown up in the face of crack, Ronald Reagan spitting in the faces of the poor while the rich got richer and more and more violence as people began to realize slowly that the dreams of the 60’s and 70’s – freedom, equality and righteousness were just a fad. So how can you blame the babes of this twilight zone for speaking out?! Yes, as a woman, I am horrified every time my body is objectified by a song or by the random Negro on the street, but folks don’t realize is – this ain’t new!

Imus didn’t invent this – he is just as much as a participant in it as we all are. I say thank you to him for forcing us to take the mask from our eyes and making us confront each other. From hate – love can bloom. Stand up my people.

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