Don Imus, Gone: For Now?

By on April 13, 2007 @ 1:00 pm

How do you lose two jobs in a matter of two weeks? Start calling a basketball team, “Nappy Headed Hos!”

Don Imus was fired from not only MSNBC but also CBS (though I’m not sure what took them so long but these things happen). I know people who have gotten fired for less. So for this to have been in the media so long without swift action still goes to show that society still thinks people are a joke until the cause is mobilized to media outlets, the streets, the web, and right to your wallets.

The power of the dollar is what makes people move. If sponsors didn’t pull out then I’m quite sure Don Imus would still be on the air. Think about it.

So is Don really sorry? Yes, he is sorry. He’s sorry for losing his job (not that he actually needs the money, he is a millionaire). He is sorry for saying the words that came out of his mouth, only when attention was brought to them. But on the real, I’m sure he truly believes that in his mind. This isn’t something that just slipped out his mouth. I’m sure he’s had conversations about “Nappy Headed Ho’s.” though I’m not quite sure what he knows about them. None of those females had nappy hair. They seemed to all have gone to the salon right before the game.

Next Move
Don Imus isn’t done. Don’t think you can keep this dude down. He was a credible source of entertainment for many (why else would have been on the radio and television? – not because of his looks). What wasn’t good for FM may be good for XM (satellite that is). Howard Stern made the move, why not Imus? And if not, then he can always produce an internet radio show. Or write a book.
Yes, write a book. Why not? He can talk about:

  • “From Nappy Comments to Unemployed: The Rise and Fall of an Idiot”
  • “Hip-Hop and its Influence on White America”
  • “Nappy Headed Ho’s and Those Who Love Them”
  • “Saying Sorry When You Don’t Really Mean It”

Upfront racism is back, from Michael Richard and his rant about Niggers to Don Imus and his Nappy Headed Ho’s. This isn’t the end. Consider these happenings a preview of what’s to come.

Side Note: It’s a shame that this incident has hurt his wife directly. Mrs. Imus is a writer and environmental activist, who currently has a book out. I understand her scheduled appearance on The View has been canceled because of the incident.

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