Monica: The Makings of Me

By on April 10, 2007 @ 9:00 am

I was in a cab last night listening to Hot 97 and who came on the radio but good old Monica. One of the most talented, yet underrated, R&B artist of the Hip-Hop generation. She came out with an album a few months ago called The Makings of Me.

Before I start with my rant I want to let you know a few things. Any album I mention here is always going to be late. If you don’t know by now I get my music from A very cheap service, $6.99 a CD, that gets new CD’s so late in the game some may forget they have even come out. In addition, I am not a music expert. I don’t care to be one. I’m a consumer of music who happens to have an opinion. I share even if you don’t care.

Monica’s CD is laced with a couple of tracks produced by So So Def and Missy (what would a Monica album be without her?). I’m just going to break this down track by track (if it is at all worth mentioning).

  1. Everytime Tha Beat Drops (featuring Dem Franchise Boyz)
    It’s a hit no doubt. It has the southern feel that everyone is on right now.
  2. A Dozen Roses (You Remind Me)
    Song is cute at best. I hear samples of an old school jam that moms once rocked to. As I listened to it the second time around it grew on me.
  3. Sideline Ho
    Cause everyone knows a ho so why not make a song about it. Monica is singing about the other woman that is sleeping with her man. I think I said enough.
  4. Why Her
    Slow jam that isn’t her best but its a song to fill an album.Skip
  5. Hell No (Leave Home) – (featuring Twista)
    The chorus is nice. Still not Monica’s greatest.
  6. Doin’ Me Right
    Oh, the nigga song. Every hood album has to have it. You don’t know the nigga song… Its a lot of Ebonics and southern drawls. Seven figure nigga… If the song didn’t have nigga in the lyrics it wouldn’t be better received by me. But someone ghetto out there with a touch of ignorance won’t mind it at all.
  7. Raw (featuring Swizz Beatz)
    I’m liking this track. It isn’t about the lyrics but its about the sound of it. I can actually bop my head to this and want to hear a remix. (I hear Fantasia in the background. But maybe that’s just me.)
  8. My Everything
    I like this track. It’s a slow jam. Its what would be a classic if they actually release it as a single.
  9. Gotta Move On
    Another cute track. I’m not mad she made it. I think Monica is trying to get her rap poppin on this track.
  10. Getaway
    The last track on the album and one of the best. I’d say it was clear of any ghetto type of lyrics. It’s a quality track worth listening to (and it should be a single if I had my way).

After listening to the entire CD I find myself at a juncture I don’t want to admit to. Monica hasn’t had a great album since Brandy stopped making music. Making of Me needs a make over at best. Listening to the album reminded me of some not so good foreplay that leads up to insertion just when you get a few good strokes in (tracks 7, 8, 9), you nut.

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Tiffany April 13, 2007

Bottom Line

Good singer, Bad producers

Christian April 13, 2007

Brandy and Monica both need to have hit albums again. These two had a bright future when they both released their debut album. I like both, but I do prefer Brandy better. Love her sultry raspy voice. She needs to make sure she doesn’t pull another stunt like being a judge on America’s got Talent, because honestly I think her credibility as an artist tanked since than.

charranda bams May 21, 2007

monica the makings of me cd is hot i can relate to the songs i think you did a terrific job keep up the good work you have my blessing

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