15 Year Old Designs Cell Phone (And It’s Fire)

By on April 6, 2007 @ 9:00 am

Whitney Houston had a hit song, at some point in ther career telling us, “The Children Are Our Future.” She may be right. Get this: A fifteen year old high schooler designs this hot concept phone called the Butterfly.

Check out the specs on Sci-Fi’s Blog.

If this type of work is coming out of our youth then someone is on the right track. I have to get my kid into his school, if I had one.

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christian April 6, 2007

We were having a conversation the other day at the office how kids today, don’t fear technology . It’s amazing that when I was 15 I feard the Internet. Now they are designing cell phones that can compete with pros. Wow. Just imagine what the next generation of kids will come up with.

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