Observations: Abundance of Abortions

By on April 5, 2007 @ 11:00 am

Having an abortion is no joke. I’ve never actually experienced one, considering my anatomy, however I can only imagine it not being an easy situation to sit through or lay down through for that matter. Having a life cut out of you after going through such pleasurable experience to get there, must be painful. Or is it?

If I didn’t know better, and according to females that have had abortions, I would have thought having an abortion was like slicing a piece of cake.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not nosy, I mind my business. I don’t like listening to people’s conversations, but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

These two females, who could have been all of 15 years old from where I was sitting, were discussing abortions. Malika tells Shawna, “After I had James, I had three abortions.” Not realizing that her conversation wasn’t a private one, she went on about her many possible baby-daddies. What could have been a great episode for the Maury Show is real life for this girl.

The female telling the story got real loud and the only audible word to be heard through the train car was, “abortion.” A sense of embarrassment washed over her face and a look of surprise came across the face of her friend. She now had the attention of everyone in the train car.

Now the remainder of her conversation was said in hush tones. No more of the blatant banter as before; which is how the conversation should have been conducted from the start.

At what juncture do you stop cutting babies out of your body and start cutting out your ovaries? At some point this girl’s body needs a rest. If not from the unprotected sex, than at least it should be from the numerous abortions.

By the time the train came to her stop, I got all her business. She has one son, has had three abortions, a baby father who doesn’t give a damn about the child or her, and a parent/parents that don’t seem to have a hold on her.

Through all that that she is going with in her life, I hope she finds focus enough to get through high school, go to college, an perhaps get herself out away from the ghetto mentality that is consuming her being.


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Ms. Q April 6, 2007

If you’re in an environment where having abortions is the norm, it becomes as easy to speak about as describing your dentist appointment!

I am amazed that the girls (and they were girls) had enough awareness to actually feel embarrassed.

I knew one woman who lived in The Projects. My guess is that all cities refer to subsidized housing as “The Projects.”

The woman was maybe in her mid-30s and she had 2 daughters she named Moogie and Sugar. I have to admit, when I learned their names I thought, uh, those names don’t exactly inspire respect. She had been pregnant with one of them at age 15 and now her own 15-year-old was pregnant. The woman was disappointed yet pragmatic.

The woman was smart, funny and trying to improve her circumstances. What was fascinating to me was how different her values were from mine – how different her world view was. I have no street smarts and I’m sure that all her mental resources were built for street survival. She was dating a man perhaps 30 years older than she and while we laughed about his antics in the way that bonding women do, I sensed this core of use-and-be-used mentality. She would do his laundry and cook for him and I felt that it was less about caring about him and more about servicing him. She seemed to view what she did for him as a service and she expected money in return.

I was in my mid-20s at the time and seeing her world view made me feel both utterly naive and lucky. I was very glad not to view the world through her eyes.

It would take a lot to get that girl you wrote about out of the ghetto.

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