The Day Was Over Before It Started (Or So I Thought)

By on April 4, 2007 @ 2:06 pm

When I woke up this morning, I just knew I was going to get a lot done. I had the energy to make things happen. I even thought I’d be able to get a few things done on my blog.

But the IT department had another plan. A sign adorned the door of the office, “There will be no blogging today,” is what the sign should have read. Instead it said, “INTERNET & EMAIL ARE DOWN INDEFINITELY.” As far as I’m concerned that sounds like a day off. Maybe I should’ve just gone home. Considering my job deals more with the internet and less with phones (or paper for that matter) then you can guess that there was no reason for me to stay here.

The climate in the office was that of a lazy rainy day, a huge change from the norm. Like someone pulled the plug on life itself. I caught one person actually reading the newspaper (something we don’t do anymore since RSS feeds came into existence). We all started to get restless and came up with a plan of action, something to keep us occupied. There was talk of a spades game poppin off in the CEO‘s office. We would have even gone so far as to have a liquid lunch (that’s drinks at the local pub, for all those who don’t know).

But before we had the opportunity to put our ideas in motion, good news arrived. “The internet is up,” the IT department proclaimed. And so now, I can blog again.

But bigger than all that, I can work (not that I really wanted to, but it does pay the bills. So here I am back again.

I’ve had my taste of life without the internet. Not quite as exciting as the blackout from years past. But as my people from Peogles posed the question the other day, “Can you survive for 24 hours without computers?” Yes, I can survive without it. But would I want to? Nope.

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