Mayor Bloomberg Pays Parents To Care for Their Kids

By on March 30, 2007 @ 2:15 pm

It isn’t enough to have children and want to see them make a difference in the world, keep your family name going or push them to do better than you’ve done in life, out of love of self and love for your child. No, it isn’t that simple anymore (was it ever?).

Mayor Bloomberg has proposed a program called ‘Opportunity NYC‘ that will put money in the pockets of parents to urge their children to go to school and for parents themselves to actually get out of the house and go get some job training.

We all know being poor isn’t the type of living that one actually wants, unless you don’t know any better, but to not have the drive to make a better life for you and your kids is unbelievable.

Is the city paying parents to parent?
I don’t care about my kids and their education unless I get a paycheck. I don’t care about getting out of poverty. I like living this way. Because watching people go to work each day while I sit my ass on the bench outside my building is the life for me. And then watching those same people come home from work looking like hell while I’ve been spending my time in the fresh air is the life. Oh, look… the Mayor is giving away money to pay me to actually get my child to school, for me to get some skills other than how to roll a blunt and curse out the dude at the bodega for stiffing you ten cents or trying to talk him into giving you a break on the pack of cigs you don’t have enough money to purchase.

That is just one side it though.

Maybe all of this is a good thing. Giving money to poor folk living in the ghetto. Maybe they will take advantage of the situation and actually have success with the program.

If this is what it takes to make life better for these families then I say bring it on.

What i want is for it to be known that you shouldn’t have children if you don’t love yourself enough to actually want to raise them. And, that is all I have say about that!

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